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Twitter swaps out two board members

It took longer than Twitter wanted, but the company has named two new board members: Pepsi CFO Hugh Johnson and Internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox are in, and Peter Currie and Peter Chernin are on their way out.

This was a move Jack Dorsey and co have been trying to make since February. It’s not clear it’s precisely the move Dorsey originally wanted,  since neither Johnson nor Fox are Famous Media People like Shonda Rhimes, whose name came up in these discussions a couple of months ago.

If you are keeping track of the board’s demographics, as Dorsey does, than you will note that it is now a bit more diversified, since it is replacing two white guys with one white man and one white woman.

In a tweet published just after announcing the new names, Twitter chairman Omid Kordestani suggested that there are more changes coming:

And in case that wasn’t clear enough, Dorsey has now made it more explicit:

Both Johnson and Fox have plenty of professional bona fides, too: Johnson has been at Pepsi since 1987, minus a three-year walkabout at Merck. Fox is best-known for co-founding European travel site lastminute.com during the first Web boom and she’s active in promoting digital services and education in the U.K.

A nice bonus for Twitter is that Fox, unlike some Twitter board members, actually uses Twitter, and not just to announce that she’s joined the board. She’s just shy of 200,000 followers, and that count will certainly go up today.

Johnston is the reversion to the mean: He has a Twitter account, but according to his profile he has yet to publish a Tweet. He does seem to be a fan (recently, at least) of ESPN reporter Darren Rovell.


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