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Universal remote startup behind Ray Super Remote has shut down

Ray Enterprises, the maker of a universal remote called Ray Super Remote, laid off all of its employees and stopped selling its device late last year, according to Variety. The $250 gadget, which contained a 4.8-inch touchscreen and controlled streaming apps and set-top boxes, is currently out at Best Buy. Amazon, the only other retailer that sells it, says the remote ships in one to two months.

It’s not clear if Amazon or Ray Enterprises are simply clearing out remaining stock, or if the device is indeed dead and new orders will be cancelled. The website remains active, but there is no new information to indicate what kinds of support current owners should expect for the near future. An email address for press inquiries found on the website now bounces back an “address not found” message.

In our round-up of universal remotes published last year, we found the Ray Super Remote lacking in smart home controls and more difficult to use over other options due to its over-dependence on touchscreen inputs over physical buttons. Still, the device was a new and relatively promising entrant in a field of gadgets aimed at helping consumers make sense of the increasingly messy streaming TV landscape.

– Source: Variety

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