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US carriers are already selling Samsung’s Note 7 again

Verizon and Sprint have already started selling Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, an updated version of the device approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and apparently free of the battery problems that plagued the previous model. The new Note 7 phones were originally rumored to go on sale in late October, but appeared today in both carriers’ online stores without any indications of a delivery delay. AT&T, too, says it has started to receive the new Note 7 and will be offering it in its retail stores.

AT&T has also received new Note 7 stock

Samsung said yesterday that it had shipped its first batch of replenishment stock, providing 500,000 safe Note 7 phones, but that they would go to people who were forced to trade in their potentially explosive devices for safety reasons. The company said it had “an extraordinarily fast start toward achieving our goal of removing every single affected Note 7 from circulation,” but that only 25 percent of previous buyers in the US had handed their phones back so far — figures that perhaps allow carriers to offer surplus CPSC-approved units for sale.

If you do want to get your hands on a Note 7 without fear they might be blown to bits in the process, both Verizon and Sprint are offering various colors and models of the phone, with same-day delivery showing up as an option for both retail and contract purchases at their stores’ checkout stage. AT&T says it also has the new devices in inventory, but requests that customers select their preferred Note 7 color to see which stores nearby have it in stock.

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