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US carriers suspend Galaxy Note 7 sales after Samsung recall

US carriers are taking swift action on the global recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 issued early this morning. Both Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that sales have been suspended as they work with Samsung to handle the recall process and take care of customers who’ve already purchased the Note 7.

Eventually you’ll be able to swap out your Note 7 for a revised model without the battery risks — but Samsung needs some time to actually manufacture those first. So in the meantime, Sprint says it will offer Note 7 buyers a “similar device” so that they’re not left without a smartphone during the recall process. The company’s press release doesn’t specifically mention what phones that Sprint considers similar to the Note 7, but The Verge has reached out for more clarification on how this temporary trade will work.

T-Mobile says only that it will have “more details as soon as possible.” The Note 7 is unavailable for purchase from AT&T, though it currently remains on Verizon’s store.

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