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Verge ESP: Save our space veterans!

Did you know that NASA doesn’t take care of astronauts for life? Congress is currently mulling legislation to change that — and allow for the US to collect more data on the aftereffects of space. It turns out returning to Earth is gnarly, folks!

You know what else is gnarly? The way Taylor Swift plays the media, man. She just dropped some totally-not-staged photos with her new beaux, Tom Hiddleston. Emily has been trying to discover whether or not Hiddleston is boring; looks like she just got her answer. Also in movie news: one important producer,  Yoshiaki Nishimura, formerly of Studio Ghibli, apologized for his sexist remarks regarding female directors. Here’s the real question: how many important movie people think the same thing and just won’t say it?

Meanwhile, it’s been a depressing week, so we both engaged in some escapism. Liz just watched the documentary Lemmy, which is a delight. (RIP Lemmy!) Emily went rock-climbing, because narrative is a joke, man.

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