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Verizon confirms the next Galaxy Note will have 5G

If you follow phones, this won’t be surprising to hear — the next Galaxy Note, presumably called the Galaxy Note 10, will support 5G cellular networks.

There are so very many reasons why this makes perfect sense, including:

But the best reason is that Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg explicitly said so yesterday, during the company’s Q1 2019 quarterly earnings call.

“The Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G,” he said, pointing out how Verizon also has a 5G-enabled LG phone, presumably the LG V50 ThinQ, coming to its network as well.

If I were in the market for a 5G Samsung phone, I would probably wait for reviews of the Note 10 at the very least — not only does the Galaxy S10 5G look like it could be a lesser phone, but today’s 5G networks could really, really use some more time to mature.

Here’s the other interesting thing Vestberg said on the Verizon call.

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