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VLC is adding AirPlay support and will reach 3 billion downloads

VLC, the open-source video player app, is announcing two major milestones from CES today. The development team, Videolan — along with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, one of the lead developers — told Variety at CES that it’ll be adding AirPlay support, allowing users to transmit videos from their iPhone (or Android) to their Apple TV.

The update could be released for the primary VLC app in “about a month,” for free. However, VLC tells The Verge there’s no specific release date yet:

Just like with Chromecast, we intend to support AirPlay on any platform. There is no release date yet at all. We would like it to be part of VLC 4, which is the next major release we are currently working on. We will let you know in advance once we define a date.

The second major milestone for VLC is that it’s closing in on 3 billion user downloads. That’s a lot of downloads, and you could argue that the Videolan team deserves the success they’ve seen so far. After all, it would seem as if the Videolan team has been keeping busy, after adding Chromecast support to VLC last February.

Update, 5:22PM ET: Post updated with release date information from VLC.

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