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Watch how much digital work went into the creation of Rogue One

Rogue One might have come out months ago, but Industrial Light and Magic just released a new highlights reel that shows how the post-production team used special effects to create the film’s fantastic space battles, cityscapes, and characters.

The company released a pair of special effects reels earlier this year, one that showed off the Death Star blowing up planets, and another that showcased the Scarif space battle. This new video reveals even more of the work that earned the studio an Academy Award nomination.

While Disney’s Star Wars films place a greater emphasis on real sets and props than the Prequel trilogy, there’s still plenty of computer trickery on the screen. Sweeping cityscape like Jedha City or the massive interiors of Imperial shuttle bays were created digitally, while even some physical sets, like the interiors of the Scarif Citadel received an impressive amount of digital work. The clip also highlights some of the work it took to bring the late Peter Cushing back to the screen, and how Gareth Edwards used extra takes from A New Hope to reintroduce some familiar faces.

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