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Watch Live: Microsoft’s Build Keynote

Every year, Microsoft uses the stage at its Build developer conference to showcase all the new features and capabilities coming to its wide array of software, hardware, and services. Today and tomorrow in San Francisco, Build 2016 is happening, so we should expect to see announcements about new features in Windows 10, some new stuff coming to Xbox, updates on Microsoft’s cloud software services, and maybe another peek at the company’s augmented-reality goggles, HoloLens. (And we’ll most certainly hear something about Tay, even if it’s just comic relief.)

The livestream starts at 8:30am PDT

Since Build is, at its heart, a developer conference, a good portion of the news will be about Microsoft’s many developer programs, and the enhancements app-makers can begin adding to their offerings. But a large chunk of the Wednesday morning keynote will be devoted to consumer stuff: new Windows 10 features, Xbox apps, and maybe some updates on Microsoft Office apps on iOS and Android. Stay tuned!

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