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Watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture recut with the music from Tron: Legacy

Star Trek and Tron aren’t two things that typically go together, but filmmaker Patrick Collins recently mashed the pair together in a short film called Star Trek: Legacy. In this 22-minute film, he recut Star Trek: The Motion Picture and set it to Daft Punk’s fantastic score from Tron: Legacy. The resulting film works better than it sounds on paper, and makes for a really cool viewing experience.

Collins noted that he wanted to give the original film a bit more of an updated feel, while maintaining the “pacing and staging of the original”. The two films share some thematic similarities, in that they’re both about people being uploaded into computers. As a result, the introduction of Tron’s music doesn’t feel enormously out of place, and even like a natural fit.

Daft Punk’s score is the best thing to come out of Tron: Legacy, and while it’s a far cry from Jerry Goldsmith’s music, Collins’ edit mashes the music together with the visuals perfectly. The music drones as the Enterprise swoops across the screen or and soars during the film’s big action sequences. The result is a film that’s somewhere between an elaborate music video, or a particularly trippy Star Trek episode, but either way, it makes for a cool short film.

We’ve seen examples how changing up a film’s score can really change the tone of the film, such as with a recent Rogue One fan edit called Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif, which reintroduced John Williams’ classic score to the movie. This edit wasn’t trying to fix its original film, but the results are pretty similar. The changes reinterpret the film and impart an entirely different tone. It’s a reimagining that could only come out of the massed creativity of fans on the internet, rather than a film studio.

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