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Watch the first trailer for Nightflyers, the George R.R. Martin space horror show

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, the Syfy Channel hosted a panel with its cast and crew for its upcoming space horror show, Nightflyers, and showed off the first full trailer for the series. The show, based on a novella by George R.R. Martin, teases the horrors that the crew of an interstellar spacecraft face when they embark on their mission.

When we got a first look at the show in March, Martin said that it would be like “Psycho in space.” This new trailer teases out a bit more of the story: Earth is dying, the crew of the Nightflyer is going further into space than anyone has before, and it is humanity’s only hope of survival. But once the mission gets underway, there’s a “malfunction” that kills several people, and the crew begins to realize that there’s something wrong with the ship, and that it can’t return to Earth. In Martin’s original novella, the crew is bound for an alien spacecraft, and we’ll see how that figures into the series when the show premieres at some point this fall.

The trailer showcases a slick-looking space opera from Syfy — which recently canceled The Expanse and Dark Matter — and it reminds us more than a little of another science fiction classic, Alien. Martin revealed that Syfy would pick up the series in November 2017, while Syfy made it official in January. The book was originally adapted as a film in 1987, and this series is essentially an adaptation of the film. Martin noted that the show would correct a long-standing issue he had with the film and art for the novella, and would stay true to the ethnicity of the characters in the original work.

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