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WeWork reportedly wants to hire T-Mobile’s brash CEO John Legere as its new boss

WeWork is in discussions to hire John Legere, the trash-talking executive who turned T-Mobile around, as its new CEO, according to The Wall Street Journal. WeWork has had a chaotic two months since a very messy attempt to go public revealed bizarre management and behaviors by the company’s founder and now-former leader, Adam Neumann.

Legere seems to be WeWork’s idea of a fixer. When he was brought into T-Mobile in 2012, T-Mobile was in a distant fourth place among US wireless carriers. He’s since turned it into a strong third-place competitor and is in the middle of a merger with Sprint that would turn the company into an even more formidable member of the industry.

SoftBank, which owns most of WeWork, is intent on turning the company around. Presenting to investors last week, the company announced a three-step plan to cut costs, and the Journal reports that WeWork still hopes to eventually go public, once its current mess is behind it.

Marcelo Claure, who SoftBank previously installed as Sprint’s CEO, was recently named WeWork’s executive chairman. He competed directly with Legere and worked with him to merge their two wireless carriers, which may speak to why Legere’s name is one of the first to pop up as a potential leader for WeWork.

We’ve reached out to T-Mobile and WeWork for comment.

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