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Whirlpool’s new smart appliances can be controlled with Alexa

Whirlpool is showcasing new washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens at CES this week, and their most interesting feature is the ability to be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa.

Through the Echo, Echo Dot, or other Alexa-enabled devices, owners will be able to control some of the core functions of these new appliances. The most useful commands are for Whirlpool’s ovens, which will let owners set cooking times and temperatures by voice and ask for updates on how much time is remaining.

Whirlpool’s new washers and dryers will also be able to provide info on time remaining through Alexa, as well as let owners enable a quiet mode. Its fridges will also let you quickly adjust temperatures, in case that’s a thing you enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, Alexa isn’t being directly built in to any of these appliances, so you’re going to need another Alexa-enabled device nearby if you want to use these features. They’re supposed to launch sometime “early” this year on most of Whirlpool’s new products. Whirlpool didn’t say if older smart appliances would be supported, too.

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