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Wynd is an air purifier for your personal space

Wynd is an intelligent portable air purifier that can remove allergens and other pollution from your personal space. The tiny purifier, which looks like a tiny version of Google’s OnHub router with more vents, can detect and automatically filter out dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution wherever you take it.

It’s small enough to fit in a cupholder or your bag, and comes with a detachable air quality tracker which you can take with you anywhere to monitor the air around you. Wynd says you can leave the purifier on auto, or adjust by twisting the top to increase or decrease the output.

The device, which is now up on Kickstarter, will also come with an app that will track and display air quality trends over time, and the company says it will be able to give you a real-time air quality map using sensors from other Wynd devices around the world. Wynd will retail for $89 when it hit stores, but if you back the company you can pick one up for $69 with an expected ship date of November.

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