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Xiaomi unveils the Mi Drone

One of China’s most popular consumer electronics brands today launches its own take on one of the hottest categories in consumer tech: drones. Xiaomi’s Mi Drone is a quadcopter with a 360-degree 4K camera attached and a remote control that uses your Mi smartphone as its viewfinder. One of the key advantages that Xiaomi seems to be touting with the Mi Drone is the modularity and serviceability of the whole thing, as the camera module is detachable just like all the rotors. This new drone has a 5,100mAh battery, which is also easily replaceable.

Xiaomi has yet to issue the full spec sheet or announce the price of the Mi Drone, but you can check out the inspirational video above and a few press shots from the company below. We’ll update this article with the full details once they become official.

xiaomi drone

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