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YesOJO’s Switch speaker dock looks like a slick way to play on the go

YesOJO’s Switch projector dock was a surprisingly clever way to play your Switch on the go with friends. Now the company is following that up with another slick Switch solution: a portable speaker dock that turns your Switch into a miniature boombox.

The Switch speaker dock is designed to use with a Switch in tabletop mode, but YesOJO says it should offer dramatically better sound than the Switch’s onboard speaker (in addition to a far more sturdy base). The speaker dock also features a cooling system, so your console doesn’t overheat, and an integrated battery that should allow for eight to 12 hours of play time off a single charge. If you don’t need to juice up your Switch, you can just use it as a Bluetooth speaker and a regular power bank.

YesOJO hasn’t announced all the details for the speaker dock yet — like the actual specs, pricing, or release date — but we do know that it’ll be launching as a crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign sometime in early 2019.

If the original $379 projector dock is anything to go by, it’ll likely be more expensive than a separate speaker and power pack, but it’s a price that might be worth paying for the convenience, especially if you plan on using your Switch on the go a lot.

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