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You can buy stuff with Google Assistant now

Google Assistant will now be able to help you buy stuff without going to a third-party site, thanks to an update that integrates Google’s own payments processing system. The feature seems imminent — you can already save things like your name, address, and credit card number to your wallet. Soon you’ll be able to request things like “Order delivery from Pizza Hut,” and Google Assistant can show you the menu or suggest drinks. When you have your order together, you can select to pay from your saved wallet information, and use your fingerprint to authenticate the order.

The benefit here is you won’t have to create an account for each vendor to order things regularly, or be forced to reenter your card number every time. And now that the Google Home can understand and differentiate between multiple users, hopefully you won’t accidentally order 100 pizzas when someone else who isn’t you decides to say it out loud either.

The feature will launch first with Panera as a third-party partner. Google says it will also limit push notifications so you’re not bombarded with a separate ping for receipts, order confirmation, delivery, and more.

There’s much more Google news out of I/O to come — keep an eye on our live blog!

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