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You can literally draw your own weapons in this virtual reality prototype

One of the coolest things about the the HTC Vive is that its motion controls open up all sorts of new creative options. A game where you literally design your own sword from the ground up with a mouse and keyboard, for example, sounds like a lot of work! In Draw Your Blade, though, it’s incredibly simple and intuitive. You draw a shape in virtual space with the Vive’s motion controller, then watch it turn into a colorful blade that you can physically swing around or throw.

The prototype for Draw Your Blade isn’t polished at all, and you’re not fighting anything more nefarious than floating spheres. But the potential here is tremendous — not because most people will turn out to be great at drawing weapons, but because the mechanic is so easy to pick up that even doing it badly could be fun. There’s no reason it should be limited to martial arts, either. What about a cooking game where you have to make all your own implements, or a virtual reality version of something like Crayon Physics?

Things like this are the first step toward truly being able to shape our own reality.

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