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You can now buy refurbished Apple Watch models for as little as $229

Apple’s renewed commitment to refurbished mobile products now extends to its smartwatch line. Starting today, you can buy discounted Apple Watch devices straight from the company’s website. The cheapest model, a refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 in a 38mm rose gold aluminum case, is only $229. Others, like stainless steel versions of the Apple Watch Series 2, are available for $509, or about 15 percent off. This move follows Apple’s recent decision to start selling refurbished iPhone models on its online store.

Most of the discounts, and there’s an entire page of them, range from around 14 to 16 percent off. And the price reductions don’t appear to change too much depending on whether you’re purchasing the standard aluminum model — which used to be known as the Apple Watch Sport before the entire device line was rebranded with a fitness focus — or the pricer stainless steel one.

Luxury goods buyers unfortunately won’t find the multi-thousand dollar Apple Watch Edition up for discount. The company notably left that eye-popping price tier, which originally included a 18-karat gold case and a five-digit price tag, out of its Series 2 refresh back in September. Instead, the company sells a ceramic version that costs about a tenth of the price.

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