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You can play Overwatch on your Mac with Parallels 12

If you own a Mac and have been waiting for Overwatch to be playable on your computer, well today is your lucky day. Kind of. Parallels 12, the latest version of the virtual machine software that lets you run Windows on your Mac, will support the very popular FPS. The company worked with Blizzard Entertainment to make sure Overwatch could run inside Parallels, but how well it plays on those dated Macs is another question altogether.

Overwatch support isn’t the only new feature available in Parallels 12: battery life has been improved by 10 percent, Parallels Toolbox features 20 different tools that can simplify tasks on your Mac, and Retina display support has been improved. Parallels 12 is also optimized for MacOS Sierra, and supports the Windows 10 Xbox app, which will let you play Xbox games on your Mac.

If you’re upgrading from Parallels 10 or 11, or are a subscriber to the professional editions, Parallels 12 is available today for $49 (or $49 a year for subscribers). Parallels 12 will be available for everyone else on August 23rd for $79, while Parallels Pro and Business Edition will cost new users $99 a year.

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