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You may see the iPhone SE on this new launch date

Apple’s event to unveil a new batch of products, including the smaller iPhone SE, won’t be until later in the month of March, according to new reports.

An event for the date of March 15 has been widely expected, however sources speaking with Re/code say the event will actually be held the week of March 21.

The most likely day then for a keynote is Tuesday, March 22, though sources didn’t go so far as to pin it on that date. Apple loves Tuesday launch events, almost as much it loves hiding 9:41 AM in its official product photos.

Backing all of this up, Korean site UnderKG earlier reported Apple has asked employees to keep their calendars open between March 21 – March 23, as noted by AppleInsider.

What to expect from Apple

To recap: no event on March 15 as the likely product reveal will go down a week later.

It’s not clear if this was Apple’s plan all along, or it revised the schedule for some reason. Perhaps it needed more time to figure out how it will sell its new iPhone two days after launch?

Whenever Apple holds the event that will, per usual, capture the world’s attention (or at least, the tech world’s), it’s expected to unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, a new iPad and another batch of Apple Watch bands.

Apple’s smaller handset is expected to look like the iPhone 5S, have the innards of the iPhone 6S, and possibly be called the iPhone SE. Its tablet, meanwhile, was initially thought to be the iPad Air 3, but new reports indicate it will actually be a smaller iPad Pro.

Whatever Apple unveils, we’ll be right there to be bring you the latest.

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