I Used to Love Cars. Here’s What Drove Me Away
“Do you like driving?” The question came a few months ago. I opened my mouth to respond reflexively, but before I could utter a word my brain started to evaluate the evidence at hand. I walk my children to school. I bicycle to work nearly every day. I own... Read more
Microsoft kills all third-party skills as it refocuses Cortana for the enterprise
Microsoft today announced plans to streamline Cortana, its cross-platform virtual assistant, in future versions of Windows 10. A chat-based UI with support for both voice and keyboard will arrive in the next release, as well as features that let users check their calendars, set reminders, and perform other productivity-related... Read more
Vivo Apex 2020 concept phone hides a 16-megapixel selfie camera under its screen
In a first for Vivo, the company says underneath its display lies a 16-megapixel selfie camera. Vivo The Vivo Apex 2020 concept phone has a dual-lens camera setup with 16-megapixel selfie camera inside the display. This marks the first time Vivo has unveiled a so-called under-screen camera, effectively killing... Read more
Online Altruists Are Making Reddit More Accessible
Across Reddit, often buried inside the comments section, you’ll find elaborate descriptions of image posts and videos, social media screenshots and memes. In one post on the subreddit r/hmmm, a user comments with a description of an image of a man with a chopping board attached to his back... Read more
Virtual Desktop dev rewrites Oculus Quest’s wireless PC VR feature
Guy Godin rebuilt the wireless streaming feature Oculus Quest owners use to PC VR play games from their computer using Virtual Desktop. The new update adds the “ability to stream native Oculus Rift games without needing Revive or SteamVR.” Godin notes you should have the Oculus PC software installed... Read more
The best wireless speakers to give in 2020
When it comes to wireless speakers, there are plenty of options — perhaps too many. Here’s a look at some of our current favorites for the best wireless speakers, from compact mini Bluetooth models to Wi-Fi speakers you can link up to create a multiroom audio system. Also, here... Read more
Space Photos of the Week: Venus Is the Spacecraft-Killer
It’s a star! It’s a UFO! Nope it’s probably Venus. If you’ve ever gone outside for a late walk and spotted a big gorgeous bright “star” in the sky, it’s likely that you were looking at Venus. The planet is named after the Roman goddess of love, and NASA... Read more
Actionable big data: How to bridge the gap between data scientists and engineers
The buzz around big data has created a widespread misconception: that its mere existence can provide a company with actionable insights and positive business outcomes. The reality is a bit more complicated. To get value from big data, you need a capable team of data scientists to sift through... Read more
9 must-haves when working from your home office
I’ve been working from home for nearly 15 years. Most of the time, it’s great — especially when you’re facing inclement weather or your kid is sick (though that one’s a double-edged sword). Now, not everyone can work from home. But as concerns about the spread of the COVID-19... Read more
Think Ride Sharing Is Good for the Planet? Not So Fast
This story originally appeared on Mother Jones and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. For climate-conscious Americans, cars are tough: We can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Yet while ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are reducing reliance on car ownership, they’re hardly solving our problems.... Read more