Huawei P40 Pro rumors: Release date, specs, 5G support, colors and 10x optical zoom
This is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro released last year, the company is scheduled to launch the P40 Pro in March. Ian Knighton/CNET Huawei isn’t letting the last-minute cancellation of Mobile World Congress stand in the way of its 2020 launch plans. Amid the extraordinary circumstances stemming from the novel... Read more
China Removed a Pandemic-Themed Game From Its iOS App Store
Plague Inc. maker Ndemic Creations says the game has been removed from sale on the iOS App Store in China because the relevant authorities say it “includes content that is illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace Administration of China.” ARS TECHNICA This story originally appeared on Ars... Read more
End Game Interactive raises $3 million to build expand on developer End Game Interactive has raised $3 million in a round of seed funding. The studio plans to use that influx of cash to build games similar to ZombsRoyale, which it made in a matter of weeks with a tiny staff. ZombsRoyale, like other .io games, is a... Read more
Amazon’s Ring hacks reveal tech’s security problem
If you build it they will come — but they won’t necessarily set up two-factor authentication. The software and devices that are increasingly integral to our daily lives are constantly compromising our privacy and security. But when these issues arise, regular people often get the blame. That’s because hacks... Read more
Stealing advanced nations’ Mac malware isn’t hard. Here’s how one hacker did it
SAN FRANCISCO—Malware developers are always trying to outdo each other with creations that are stealthier and more advanced than their competitors’. At the RSA Security conference this week, a former hacker for the National Security Agency demonstrated an approach that’s often more effective: stealing and then repurposing a rival’s... Read more
John Tenniel: Google Doodle celebrates Alice in Wonderland illustrator’s 200th birthday
Google celebrates the 200th birthday of John Tenniel, the 19th-century artist who illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Google Look long enough at Friday’s Google Doodle and a familiar smile will emerge. The unmistakable grin belongs, of course, to the Cheshire Cat, the mischievous feline who befriends Alice in Lewis... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Nearly Perfect, but Too Pricey
I dropped a $1,400 phone on my toe. The weight of the thing was slightly heavier than a billiard ball. Needless to say, it hurt. My grip was compromised because I had been trying different hand positions over the past week just to be able to use Samsung’s Galaxy... Read more
Amazon bans 1 million products over false coronavirus claims
(Reuters) — Amazon has barred more than 1 million products from sale in recent weeks that had inaccurately claimed to cure or defend against the coronavirus, the company told Reuters on Thursday. Amazon also removed tens of thousands of deals from merchants that it said attempted to price-gouge customers.... Read more
Coronavirus is the first test for AI, robots, and drones that can prevent pandemics
The novel coronavirus that first appeared in mainland China has now spread across the world, with more than 82,000 reported cases and nearly 3,000 deaths, as of Thursday. And right alongside the outbreak is the deployment of myriad types of AI-powered tech that is now being put on full... Read more
13 Apple Watch bands to get on Amazon
Like many on-the-go professionals, I have a handful of trusty outfits that take me from the office to the gym to social hour with minimal effort put into changing between each setting — the rise of “athleisure” and the stack of black leggings in my closet have gotten me... Read more