The Coronavirus Relief Bill Promotes Surveillance for Health
President Trump Friday signed the largest relief bill in US history, a $2 trillion lifeline to businesses, hospitals, and workers hit hard by the explosive spread of the coronavirus. More than 160,000 Americans have tested positive for the virus, according to the John Hopkins Coronaviurus resource center, more than... Read more
How to grow your video game in South Korea
The game developer’s guide to the South Korean video game market When it comes to video game success, one of your most important considerations is your target market. Where you choose to distribute and promote your game determines growth potential, dictates the payment types you need to support, and... Read more
Coronavirus triage: The grim ethical dilemma of rationing medical care
With medical experts and politicians now predicting that coronavirus cases will dramatically exceed the capacities of hospitals across America, doctors and nurses face the prospect of picking which patients to prioritize for treatment. Though the term “triage” may conjure images of rough battlefield medicine and crude estimates of patients’... Read more
Samsung Display will reportedly stop making LCD panels this year
Samsung Display is apparently shifting its business away from LCD. Sarah Tew/CNET Samsung Display will stop making LCD panels at its South Korean and Chinese factories by the end of 2020, CNET sister site ZDNet reported Tuesday. It’ll apparently move workers onto its quantum dot (QD) and organic light-emitting... Read more
It’s Time to Face Facts, America: Masks Work
When you look at photos of Americans during the 1918 influenza pandemic, one feature stands out above all else: masks. Fabric, usually white gauze, covers nearly every face. Across the country, public health experts recommended universal mask wearing, and some cities ordered residents to wear them under penalty of... Read more
Amazon and Instacart workers strike over safety and pay concerns during coronavirus crisis
(Reuters) — Warehouse, delivery and retail gig workers in the United States went on strike on Monday to call attention to safety and wage concerns for people laboring through the coronavirus crisis. Among the strikers were some of the roughly 200,000 workers at U.S. online grocery delivery company Instacart,... Read more
WWE WrestleMania 2020: How to watch, start times, full card and WWE Network
Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre headlines this year’s bizarre WrestleMania.  WWE It’s unprecedented times, which calls for an unprecedented WrestleMania. This year’s show, on paper the biggest wrestling event of the year, is unlike any other in WWE history. Originally scheduled for Tampa, Florida’s Raymond James Stadium, it’ll instead... Read more
A Wearable for Opioid Patients Gets Retooled for Covid-19
Hospitals already use telemedicine to monitor the manageably sick, but few apps have any built-in capability to detect or respond to a change in patient vitals. So far, four patients have begun at-home monitoring, according to Peter Pronovost, the chief clinical transformation officer for University Hospitals, a health care... Read more
Folding@home crowdsourced computing project passes 1 million downloads amid coronavirus research
Folding@home software for donating compute for medical research passed 1 million downloads, director Greg Bowman said in a tweet today. The Folding@home Consortium is made up of 11 laboratories around the world studying the molecular structure of diseases like cancer, ALS, and influenza. Research into COVID-19 started earlier this... Read more
Why Instacart and Amazon workers are going on strike during coronavirus
Workers for Instacart, one of the most popular US grocery delivery apps, went on strike Monday, demanding better pay and health protections as they risk exposing themselves to the coronavirus to deliver essentials to people on lockdown. Instacart and other grocery delivery workers are facing soaring demand — as... Read more