Quibi: Free episodes, prices, shows and WTF is a quibi actually
Chrissy’s Court, a courtroom reality show in the style of Judge Judy (but starring Chrissy Teigen), is one of Quibi’s launch titles.  Quibi Quibi, a mobile-only subscription video service that launched April 6 in the US and Canada, is an ambitious, risky, big-budget bet on mobile video. With the... Read more
The ADL Calls Out Steam for Giving Extremists a Pass
After the horrifying 2019 shooting at New Zealand’s Christchurch mosques, over 100 profiles on the gaming platform Steam paid tribute to the shooter. A digital videogame storefront with some social networking features, Steam isn’t the most obvious home for charged political content. But just hours after the shooting, 66... Read more
Typical Entertainment’s Thunder Rally is pure multiplayer mayhem
Presented by Intel It’s a tough time for a lot of people around the world right now, and the creators of Thunder Rally hope that their multiplayer game can provide some relief to friends and families stuck at home. Out now on PC via Steam Early Access, Thunder Rally... Read more
Amazon earnings: Jeff Bezos warns of loss despite high pandemic sales
Amazon’s revenue grew 26 percent in the first three months of the year, the company announced Thursday. The tech giant became an essential shopping destination in March after the Covid-19 pandemic incited stay-at-home orders across the globe. But CEO Jeff Bezos warned investors that the company’s profit would suffer... Read more
Comcast overcharged elderly couple $600, denied refund until contacted by Ars
Enlarge / A Comcast service van in October 2014. When Badr’s grandparents moved from one house to another in April 2018, they had one simple request for Comcast—they wanted the cable company to transfer their Internet-only plan to the new address, with no changes to the service or price.... Read more
Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and others will battle in Mario Tennis Aces for charity
Serena Williams will take her talents to the Mario Tennis Aces court.  Getty Images In the absence of sporting events these days, tennis stars like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Naomi Osaka and Maria Sharapova will be taking to the court using Mario Tennis Aces via Facebook Gaming.  The biggest... Read more
'Microplastic Hot Spots' Are Tainting Deep-Sea Ecosystems
Scientists found 2 million microplastic particles in a square meter of sediment, as currents drag debris into seafloor versions of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Source link Read more
Microsoft built Xbox Game Pass for this moment, and it’s thriving
Xbox Game Pass doesn’t have Friends, but it does have the friends we’ve made along the way. And that’s not just a silly phrase by a very clever reporter (don’t laugh). It’s one of the most powerful elements behind the success of Microsoft’s subscription service. When analysts and investors compare Game... Read more
Quibi posts 3 shows free on YouTube right before 90-day trial offer ends
Quibi’s Most Dangerous Game has been the mobile-video service’s most watched series so far, the company said last week.  Quibi Quibi, a new star-packed mobile streaming service for short-form video, has put the initial episodes of three series outside its app for the first time, posting them on YouTube... Read more
Twitter beats Q1 2020 revenue estimates as coronavirus drives engagement
Twitter reported that its Q1 revenue increased 3% to top analysts’ estimates as the social media company continued to struggle outside the U.S. due to product issues and coronavirus quarantines. For the first three months of 2020, Twitter had $808 million in revenue, up from $786.9 million for the... Read more