Want to Fix Urban Sprawl? Ditch the Cul-de-Sac
The world’s cities are growing fast. Half the human race already lives in urban areas, and another 2.5 billion people could join them by 2050, the United Nations forecasts. While urban growth is inevitable, urban sprawl—with its long commutes and increased congestion—doesn’t have to be. In the developed world,... Read more
AI Weekly: Autonomous vehicle companies pivot to charitable deliveries during the pandemic
Early on, the pandemic — which passed a grim milestone in the U.S. this week of over 100,000 dead — motivated the shuttering of businesses deemed nonessential out of concern for workers’ well-being. One industry heavily affected was self-driving vehicles, whose operators and developers were forced to pause pilots... Read more
Coronavirus stimulus checks now come as debit cards
They might look like a scam, but the white envelopes from an Omaha-based entity called “Money Network Cardholder Services” that many Americans received this week are surprisingly legit. Inside those envelopes, which are finally being delivered to millions of Americans, are Visa-branded debit cards loaded up with coronavirus stimulus... Read more
SpaceX, NASA make history with first launch of astronauts from US soil in years
NASA astronauts Bob Behnken (right) and Doug Hurley sit in a Tesla after walking out of the Operations and Checkout Building on their way to the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center on May 30.  Joe Raedle/Getty Images Welcome to space... Read more
Watch SpaceX and NASA Launch Two Astronauts to the ISS
Once Behnken and Hurley are in space, it will take about 19 hours for the Crew Dragon to catch up with the space station. During that time, the astronauts will be testing out the capsule’s systems to collect data so NASA can later certify the spacecraft is safe for... Read more
NASA resumes human spaceflight from U.S. soil with SpaceX launch
(Reuters) — SpaceX, the private rocket company of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched two Americans into orbit from Florida on Saturday in a landmark mission marking the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from the Kennedy Space... Read more
How the Minnesota Freedom Fund became a Twitter trend
If you’ve been following the protests in Minneapolis on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen more than a few tweets, some from very prominent tweeters promoting a nonprofit called the Minnesota Freedom Fund. The tweets usually say they’ve donated to the fund. Some include a screenshot of the donation confirmation... Read more
SpaceX launch: William Shatner, George Takei join astronaut accolades
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the manned Crew Dragon spacecraft attached takes off from launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images NASA and SpaceX made history Saturday, launching astronauts into space from US soil for the first time since the space shuttle... Read more
PlayStation 5 event confirmed: What to expect from the June 4 showcase
Sony has finally given a date for when it next plans to talk about the PlayStation 5. The company is preparing “a look at the future of gaming” for 1 p.m. Pacific time on June 4. But what exactly should you expect to see at that event? Let’s take... Read more
SpaceX launch succeeds, sending humans on first privately owned spaceflight
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Demo-2 is off to a roaring start. After a delayed launch earlier in the week, the spacecraft lifted off at 3:22 pm ET on Saturday. It left the planet, and entered Earth’s orbit where it will later dock with the International Space Station (ISS), beginning a... Read more