Cut your own hair with this $55 haircut kit because we don’t leave home anymore
Conair I never thought I’d be writing about a haircut kit, much less debating with myself if I should buy one, but these are strange times. I haven’t had a haircut in two months, and fellow Cheapskate Rick recently asked Twitter if he should cut his own hair or... Read more
The Eerie Stillness of Empty Schoolyards
Before Covid-19 hit the Bay Area, photojournalist Justin Sullivan could upload a raw file to Getty Images in a few seconds. Now, it can take several minutes. “Between the hours of 2 and 6 pm, the internet just flatlines,” Sullivan says. “Everyone’s on Zoom calls and watching movies or... Read more
Moving to an ‘everything as code’ world
Engineers are great at making hard things possible. Then repeatable. Then automatable. Then run on their own. Software development has repeated this cycle over and over. We build a new capability; we make it easier to repeat with scripts, we let it run on its own with fixed functions,... Read more
Should you buy a used phone? My results were mixed
Andrew Hoyle/CNET With the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra coming in at over $1,000 and even the “affordable” OnePlus 8 Pro costing $899, I wanted to see what level of phone I could get without spending a fortune. So I went on a hunt with $650 of... Read more
Space Photos of the Week: Europa! Attempt No Landing There
If you are looking for life in the solar system, maybe start with the icy moons. One of the most likely to harbor life is Jupiter’s third Galilean satellite, Europa. Hidden beneath its thick crust of ice is thought to be a massive interior ocean, containing more water than... Read more
Waltz of the Wizard’s new movement system works with Oculus Quest hand-tracking
New movement updates to Waltz Of The Wizard: Extended Edition aim to make traversing large spaces in VR more comfortable — and they will even work with Oculus Quest’s controller-free hand-tracking. The system is called “Telepath,” and development studio Aldin Dynamics detailed the new options available in the PC... Read more
Best direct-to-consumer cookware of 2020: Made In, Brigade Kitchen and more
Potluck While Cuisinart, Anolon and All-Clad may be among the first brand names you consider when in the market for new cookware, direct-to-consumer brands that you may not have heard of are shaking up the cookware scene with a unique business model, quality items and attractive price points. Direct... Read more
Facebook and the Folly of Self-Regulation
My late colleague, Neil Postman, used to ask about any new proposal or technology, “What problem does it propose to solve?” When it comes to Facebook, that problem was maintaining relationships over vast time and space. And the company has solved it, spectacularly. Along the way, as Postman would... Read more
IonQ CEO Peter Chapman on how quantum computing will change the future of AI
Businesses eager to embrace cutting-edge technology are exploring quantum computing, which depends on qubits to perform computations that would be much more difficult, or simply not feasible, on classical computers. The ultimate goals are quantum advantage, the inflection point when quantum computers begin to solve useful problems, and quantum... Read more
Our favorite water filter pitchers to buy for 2020
A filtered pitcher is a quick, convenient way to improve the quality and taste of your drinking water. Fill the pitcher with water from your tap and stick it in the fridge while the water travels through the filter and into the main reservoir. Some pitchers only take about... Read more