ACM calls for governments and businesses to stop using facial recognition
An Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) tech policy group today urged lawmakers to immediately suspend use of facial recognition by businesses and governments, citing documented ethnic, racial, and gender bias. In a letter (PDF) released today by the U.S. Technology Policy Committee (USTPC), the group acknowledges the tech is... Read more
Facebook bans dozens of “boogaloo” accounts amid critiques of how it handles hate speech
On Tuesday afternoon, Facebook announced that it had removed more than 200 accounts linked to the violent, anti-government extremist “boogaloo” movement. This move comes after weeks of criticism over the company’s handling of hate speech on its platform. Still, banning the boogaloo accounts does not solve Facebook’s larger hate... Read more
YouTube TV jumps 30% in price effective immediately
Enlarge / An odd coincidence: YouTube TV and AT&T rolled out price hikes on the same day. Chances are, if you pay for a streaming alternative to live cable TV in the United States, your bills are about to go up, thanks to a glut of Tuesday announcements. First... Read more
Facebook bans boogaloo groups, but some smaller groups remain
A patch on a bulletproof vest recovered by the FBI during an investigation of a murder allegedly committed by a boogaloo member. The patch features an igloo and a Hawaiian-style print, both popular boogaloo symbols (“big igloo” and “big luau” sound like “boogaloo”). Federal Bureau of Investigation Facebook is changing... Read more
Blurring Faces Is Anti-Journalistic and Anti-Human
If you’re taking photos of Black bodies, it’s crucial to know the history of the image when it comes to Black uprisings. Knowing that ensures you know that by hiding Black bodies, you aren’t avoiding the problem, you’re part of it. I understand the concern. I see the ominous... Read more
AWS, Google, and Mozilla back national AI research cloud bill in Congress
A group of more than 20 organizations including tech giants like AWS, Google, IBM, and Nvidia joined schools like Stanford University and The Ohio State University today in backing the idea of a national AI research cloud. Nonprofit groups like Mozilla and the Allen Institute for AI also support... Read more
How to listen to Vox on your Google Home smart speaker
Mixtapes forever changed how we listen to music. What if news got the same treatment? Enter “Your News Update,” a new way to listen to Vox podcasts on Google Assistant. Starting now, you can hear quick daily updates from Today, Explained on Google smart speakers and Assistant-enabled devices, and... Read more
Comcast’s data cap and overage fees return tomorrow after 3-month break
Comcast is scheduled to reinstate its home-Internet data cap tomorrow, July 1, after more than three months in which customers were provided unlimited data to help them through the coronavirus pandemic. AT&T, by contrast, announced today that it is “continuing to waive home-Internet data overage charges for AT&T Internet... Read more
The search for life on Mars, and the people who say we’ve found it already
Jerry van Andel sat alone on the bow of the RV Lulu, a floating junkyard of a ship, as it bobbed against the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Across deck, a team of scientists bustled around a basket full of strange life forms, wrenched from a mighty crack in... Read more
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ Promise Big Smartwatch Upgrades
Rounding out the rest of the improvements are support for the Bluetooth 5 standard and an upgraded 4G LTE modem for faster cellular data connectivity. Qualcomm says the faster LTE modem should improve services like maps, music streaming, and voice assistants. Does it Matter? But both Qualcomm and Google’s... Read more