PokimaneBoyfriend and the Scandalous Reign of Drama YouTube
YouTube drama is a barbed thing. The first trap is taking it too seriously. The second is not taking it seriously enough. Yesterday, YouTuber Calvin “LeafyIsHere” Vail posted a video attempting to eviscerate celebrity Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys. A notorious YouTuber who falls under the “drama” category, Vail... Read more
AI Weekly: Big Tech’s antitrust reckoning is a cautionary tale for the AI industry
This week, as the heads of four of the largest and most powerful tech companies in the world sat in front of a Congressional antitrust hearing and had to answer for the ways they built and run their respective behemoths, you could see how far the bloom on the... Read more
Trump will reportedly order TikTok to find new ownership. Will it be Microsoft?
It looks like the Trump administration is getting tougher on TikTok, the wildly popular social media app that’s best known as a place for teens to post short videos, amid mounting national security concerns about the app’s relationship with the Chinese government. According to Bloomberg, President Trump plans to... Read more
Red Hat and CentOS systems aren’t booting due to BootHole patches
Enlarge / Security updates intended to patch the BootHole UEFI vulnerability are rendering some Linux systems unable to boot at all. Early this morning, an urgent bug showed up at Red Hat’s bugzilla bug tracker—a user discovered that the RHSA_2020:3216 grub2 security update and RHSA-2020:3218 kernel security update rendered... Read more
Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping 2020: What we know so far
Stan Honda/Getty Images Black Friday 2020 is shaping up to be a very different kind of shopping experience than any holiday shopping weekend in recent memory. With ongoing inventory issues due to the extended global pandemic — not to mention the need for retailers to maintain a safe environment... Read more
For Big Tech, There's No Winning This Round
Accountability is coming—not just because Congress had an impressive hearing this week, but because the confluence of crises now demand action. Source link Read more
MIT CSAIL’s system defers can defer to experts when making predictions
A new study from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) proposes a machine learning system that can examine X-rays to diagnose conditions including lung collapse and an enlarged heart. That’s not especially novel — computer vision in health care is a well-established field — but CSAIL’s system... Read more
How Facebook decides which ads to show you
In 2019, Facebook settled a lawsuit with civil rights organizations following the revelation that advertisers could use the targeting options on its platform to exclude many specific demographic groups from seeing its ads. It’s now more difficult for an unscrupulous advertiser to use Facebook’s platform to discriminate. However, even... Read more
Florida teen arrested, charged with being “mastermind” of Twitter hack
A Florida teen has been arrested and charged with 30 felony counts related to the high-profile hijacking of more than 100 Twitter accounts earlier this month. Federal law enforcement arrested Graham Ivan Clark, 17, in Tampa earlier today, the Office of Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren said. The arrest... Read more
Galaxy Z Fold 2 rumors and leaks so far: Buh-bye, ugly screen notch
The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s screen could get a makeover. Ice Universe With less than one week left until the Aug. 5 Samsung Unpacked event, the rumor mill is abuzz with photo leaks. One recent leak confirms that Samsung’s follow-up to the Galaxy Fold will indeed be called the Galaxy... Read more