IIHS and Consumer Reports pick the best used cars for teens     – Roadshow
Don’t know what to get your kid for a first car? This should help. Source link Read more
How Do You Make Movies in a Pandemic? Ask Horror Directors
The same is true for horror. In many ways, the genre is proving prescient when it comes to the limited kinds of movies filmmakers can attempt during lockdown. Way back in 2014, director Levan Gabriadze set his entire film Unfriended in a Skype call between a handful of friends.... Read more
Tens of millions of new players dove into EA games during the pandemic
Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said in an earnings call with analysts today that tens of millions of new players have joined the company’s games since April. That’s a rare one-time change caused by the global health emergency that has left many in isolation at home, but the company... Read more
On Mars, the Perseverance rover and a helicopter will roam free
NASA’s Perseverance rover launched at 7:50 am ET on July 30, the first day of a flight that will take the fifth NASA rover to Mars. During its mission, the boxy, car-sized vehicle and its extendable arm will be charged with looking for signs of ancient life and gathering... Read more
Hackers broke into real news sites to plant fake stories
Enlarge / The propagandists have created and spread disinformation since at least March 2017, with a focus on undermining NATO and the US troops in Poland and the Baltics. Petras Malukas | Getty Images Over the past few years, online disinformation has taken evolutionary leaps forward, with the Internet... Read more
Pixel 4A launch date teased for Aug. 3
The Google Pixel 4 XL. Up next, the Pixel 4A? Andrew Hoyle/CNET We think we know a fair amount about Google’s next flagship smart phone — presumably the Pixel 4A — but we didn’t have a firm sense of when the thing would actually arrive. That changed Thursday, thanks... Read more
What’s This? A Bipartisan Plan for AI and National Security
US representatives Will Hurd and Robin Kelly are from opposite sides of the ever-widening aisle, but they share a concern that the US may lose its grip on artificial intelligence, threatening the American economy and the balance of world power. Thursday, Hurd (R-Texas) and Kelly (D-Illinois) offered suggestions to... Read more
Huawei has the same app problem that doomed Windows Phone
Huawei is now the world’s biggest smartphone maker in terms of shipments, according to Canalys data, which suggests the Chinese tech firm surpassed rival Samsung in Q2 2020, albeit mostly due to its domestic sales in China. This is the first time in nine years that a company other... Read more
Big Tech hearings winners and losers: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google CEOs fared
On Wednesday, four of the most powerful people on the planet testified before Congress. The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google — who together control companies worth nearly $5 trillion — called in individually via videoconference and fielded questions for nearly six hours. Some questions were tough. Some... Read more
Comcast lost 477,000 cable-TV customers in Q2 amid 12% drop in revenue
Enlarge / A Comcast sign at the Comcast offices in Philadelphia. Comcast lost 477,000 cable-TV subscribers in Q2 2020 amid a company-wide drop in revenue caused by the pandemic. The net-customer loss consists of 427,000 residential TV customers and 51,000 business TV customers, Comcast’s earnings report today said. The customer... Read more