Jobs of the week: Game Engineer, Growth Marketing Manager, Video Game Software Tester Jobs of the week: Game Engineer, Growth Marketing Manager, Video Game Software Tester
Every week, some of the most exciting tech companies in the world post their latest and greatest job opportunities on Jobs.VentureBeat, powered by Jobbio.... Jobs of the week: Game Engineer, Growth Marketing Manager, Video Game Software Tester

Every week, some of the most exciting tech companies in the world post their latest and greatest job opportunities on Jobs.VentureBeat, powered by Jobbio. From transformative tech to gaming and beyond, Jobs.VentureBeat helps businesses from all over the US hire top tech talent.

With that, each week, we’ll highlight a selection of the job roles posted to Jobs.VentureBeat. If you’re a candidate looking for a position at a transformative tech company, survey the selection below or view all the posted positions here. For companies in need of incredible candidates, scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to get your roles posted to Jobs.VentureBeat!

Game Engineer, Gamesmith. 

As a Game Engineer you will leverage the Roblox game engine to build innovative applications and experiences for our Players and our Developers.

Gamesmith are looking for engineers that are passionate about building world class user experiences from both usability and performance perspectives. Your role will have an incredibly high impact and will directly affect tens of millions of monthly users.

Ideally, you have 3+ years of professional experience working on a consumer-facing application Proficient in C++ Proficient in 3D Math Self-sufficient, self-organized, and able to take ownership of a project throughout its full lifecycle.

Experience building online mobile and/or console game titles would be a huge advantage, along with experience working with Lua and building games with Roblox.

Sound like your kind of thing? Learn more here.

Growth Marketing Manager, WooCommerce.

Automattic is looking for a dynamic, versatile growth marketer to join their WooCommerce marketing team. You will develop and implement strategies that drive growth across the entire customer journey, wielding both marketing savvy and technical expertise!

The best bit? You can choose your own adventure. This isn’t your typical work from home job. Everyone works from the location they choose. They are spread out all over the world in more than 70 countries. They track about 70 percent of their projects on P2-themed blogs, 25 percent in private chat rooms, and the rest on Slack.

Because of the geographic variance, the company is active 24/7. 

Your main duties will be to develop, test and iterate on strategies to grow platform adoption and subscriber revenue growth using a variety of tactics and tools. You’ll need to think deeply about all potential conversion points within the various funnels, considering all channels from email and landing pages to in-app suggestions and notifications.

Sounds exciting, right? 

Full Stack Developer, Tesla. 

At Tesla, Service Engineering exists uniquely at the intersection of firmware/hardware design, service, diagnostics, manufacturing, quality, and reliability. Service Engineering multiplies efforts of service in the areas of diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance, while simultaneously reducing the need for each. Their mission is to ensure that a customer’s vehicle is diagnosed accurately, reliably and as quickly as possible with the feedback mechanisms to enable continuous improvement of diagnostics. Their vision is to have a diagnostic strategy and software that ensures our vehicles do not have to come to service for diagnosis.

As a Full-stack Developer in Service Engineering, you will be responsible for specifying, building, and maintaining the next generation of diagnostic tooling for Tesla’s vehicles and energy products. You’ll be part of one of a multidisciplinary product team, where you will build both back-end and front-end systems, and work closely with product managers, engineers, operations, and data analysts.

Video Game Software Tester, Experis. 

Can you imagine getting paid to make video games better? Well here is your chance! Experis is partnering with a premier publisher of AAA video game titles to create a new Games Testing team in Tempe. As a Quality Assurance Software Test Associate you will work with a talented team that is innovative, fun, and results-oriented. The company promotes a team mentorship culture that drives new projects using cutting-edge technology and processes.

On the job training will be provided and work must be done on-site, this is not a work from home job. Some skills that the company is looking for include: An analytical mindset with an inquisitive nature (interested in understanding how something works), a general understanding of gaming theory, strong written and verbal communications skills and someone who is a quick learner. 

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Product Manager, Uber Eats. 

As a Product Manager for Uber Eats Subscriptions, you’ll play a key role in better engaging and retaining eaters over time. With a diverse user base across the globe, Uber’s goal is to develop a subscription product that helps Uber Eats fit into eaters’ everyday lives. What stops eaters from ordering every day today? How can you ensure that Uber Eats is their food delivery platform of choice? How might restaurants want to engage with Uber Eats subscribers? How can Uber Rides and Uber Eats build long term loyalty together? These are the sorts of questions you’ll be responsible for answering.

As the product manager for this team, you’ll work with your Engineering, Data Science, and Design counterparts to transform your strategy into a subscriptions product scaled across the globe. This involves considering local customer needs, cultural nuance, and competitive environments to help our business grow and retain its loyal user base. Within your first six months, you’ll help scale the program to 3 new continents and pilot a strategy for connecting restaurants with subscribers.

Exciting, right?

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