Motorola One 5G costs less than $500 and has a first-of-its-kind ring light flash
The Motorola One 5G does one thing that other 5G phones haven’t been able to do: cost less than $500. Motorola With affordable and feature-packed offerings like the Moto G Stylus, G Power and G Fast, it’s clear that Motorola thrives in the budget end of the phone market.... Read more
The Pheromonophone Lets You Reach Out and Smell Someone
For two decades, the artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats has been producing works that explore how we humans perceive ourselves and our place on this planet. He does this through books and exhibits, but mostly through oddball inventions. A camera that takes a single exposure over the course... Read more
Researchers built a data set for training AI to detect natural disasters from social media images
This week, people in California and Gulf Coast states experienced the impact of historic natural disasters. Called signs of climate change, both are unique: The California fires were started by hundreds of lightning strikes, creating some of the largest fires recorded in state history, and Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana... Read more
PandaDoc Raises $30M to Lead a Paradigm Shift in eSignature Market
The eSignature industry’s pioneers have been selling – more or less – the same product for almost 20 years. The basic functionality is the same across a growing number of vendors, and the service usually comes at a high cost for unlimited business use. Still, the industry has enjoyed... Read more
Galaxy Note 20 ongoing review: Here’s how Samsung’s $1,000 phone stacks up so far
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 in mystic green. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET I was excited to unwrap Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a supercharged $1,300 flagship phone that gives the Galaxy Note 10 line a significant upgrade, for a price. But in some ways, I’ve anticipated the standard, cheaper Galaxy Note 20 even... Read more
The 15 Best Wireless Headphones (2020): Earbuds, Noise-Canceling, and More
Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Go (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are light, comfortable, and compact, but they still sound fantastic, which is why they’re now my go-to buds at the gym. They have a vibrant soundstage and much more musical detail than most wirefree models; they last for 10 hours per... Read more
How we adapted Tetris for the cloud
I remember it fondly … long road trips with my family and hours in the car, with Tetris on my brother’s Game Boy keeping us company. Clearing line after line, nailing a Tetris whenever I could, having that iconic music loop in my head for hours until the batteries... Read more
WWE Payback 2020: Results, Reigns turns heel, full recap and match ratings
WWE Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship at WWE Payback, yet that’s not the big story from the event. More importantly, Reigns turned heel. After years of WWE trying to portray him as a leading man, only for continuous rejection from the audience, Reigns is officially now a villain. ... Read more
Covid Is Accelerating a Global Censorship Crisis
More than 180,000 people in the United States have now died from the coronavirus, a horrifying loss of human life that stands in profound contrast to the pandemic’s duration and severity in the rest of the world. Covid-19 “brought the world’s most powerful country to its knees,” with everything... Read more
Companies have long embraced job ‘ownership,’ but there’s a better model
“Who owns the Refund Processing for American Builders?” Jane came rushing to my desk on a rainy January afternoon with a look of urgency. Our office was always bustling with engineers, product managers, and business development folks hustling to create something new. “Well, you know how I feel about... Read more