Customer Success is Becoming an Era to Oppose Down-Sales
Several recent trends indicate that we’re at the beginning of a new era— customer success —in which your company can start focusing on growth, also, churn. Customer success is becoming an era to oppose down sales. Business owners traditionally have been slow to take customer success as an advantage... Read more
Best espresso machine for 2020: Breville, Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart and more
Good espresso is truly addictive. When made well this wonderful drink has powerful charms. Super-concentrated, rich yet balanced, espresso’s complex flavors may hook you like no other coffee style. Making it at home can be a tall order, though. Many coffee makers billed as domestic espresso machines are that in name... Read more
It’s Hard to Escape Facebook’s Vortex of Polarization
Facebook’s ability to create filter bubbles, promote divisive content, and accelerate political polarization is no surprise to users who’ve kept up with the platform’s many scandals. But two new studies point to pitfalls with commonly proposed solutions and point to a troubling double bind for the 190 million Americans... Read more
Hands-on: Amazon Fresh grocery stores tease brick-and-mortar retail’s future
There were no lines outside Irvine, California’s new Amazon Fresh grocery store on its opening day last week, despite the fact that it was only the second such location in the world — and the first to be open to the public on day one. But after early visitors discovered... Read more
Silicon Valley is spending way more for Joe Biden than it did for Hillary Clinton
Silicon Valley is spending far more money to oust Donald Trump in 2020 than it did in 2016, a testament to the new political muscle that the tech industry has flexed over the last four years. And the money is not just from its billionaires. The tech industry did... Read more
The best soundbar for 2020: Vizio, Sonos, Polk, Yamaha, Roku and more
Soundbars are affordable, a breeze to set up, and offer much improved sound quality over a standard built-in TV speaker. This is what makes them more popular these days than home theater speaker, subwoofer and AV receiver packages. With a multitude of choices available, finding the best soundbar can be hard, but this best soundbar... Read more
A Holiday Season Surge, Outbreaks in Swing States, and More Coronavirus News
Coronavirus cases rise dramatically, drugmakers prepare for distribution, and the pandemic collides with the upcoming election. Here’s what you should know: Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines Coronavirus cases surge across the US ahead of the holiday season Cases skyrocketed nationwide... Read more
We played the PlayStation 5 | GamesBeat Decides 170
We have the PlayStation 5. We have the Xbox Series X. We have the Xbox Series S. What we don’t have is a lot of time — unless it’s to do some Halloween cosplay. So let’s do a one-hour-of-power episode where we blast through the week’s topics on this... Read more
Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple profits soar despite Covid-19 and the recession
Despite a pandemic that’s shocked the entire economy and impending antitrust lawsuits, Big Tech is doing rather well. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook raked in a huge amount of money last quarter: $38 billion in profits on nearly $240 billion in revenue. For the most part, this represents growth... Read more
Google’s Project Zero discloses Windows 0day that’s been under active exploit
Google’s project zero says that hackers have been actively exploiting a Windows zeroday that isn’t likely to be patched until almost two weeks from now. In keeping with long-standing policy, Google’s vulnerability research group gave Microsoft a seven-day deadline to fix the security flaw because it’s under active exploit.... Read more