In its death throes, Adobe’s Flash kills off Zynga’s original FarmVille
Adobe is terminating its Flash software today, and with it will go Zynga’s original FarmVille game from 2009. That brings to an end an era of social gaming that will be remembered in history with mixed emotions. Some people hated the spammy nature of FarmVille and its boring gameplay,... Read more
Strategizing for 2021 With Sentiment Analysis Using Product Review Data
2020 started with a lot of concern; individuals, businesses, and governments were all thrown into a state of confusion. COVID-19 ravaged the world and there was no known remedy. 2021, however, promises to be a year full of hope. Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have filed for emergency authorization... Read more
The best shower filter for 2021: How they work and why you need one
Did you know that shower water can contain just as many harmful contaminants as the water you drink, including heavy metals, asbestos, fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals and impurities? Even in cities in developed countries, polluted or toxic water poses a serious health risk to the community.  Just when you thought... Read more
After 2020, Live Events Might Not Look the Same. Good!
Another thing that’s proven wildly popular at virtual events? Online gaming. ReedPop, the company that puts on NYCC, also produces the PAX video game conventions. This year, those conventions morphed into PAX Online, which streamed on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and other platforms. The event also had a very... Read more
How Apple’s self-driving car plans might transform the company itself
What would an Apple self-driving car look like? We don’t know yet, but what we do know is that the company has serious plans to roll out its own electric self-driving car by 2024. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed any of the information disclosed in the Reuters reports that broke... Read more
Best cheap earbuds and headphones
So you don’t want to drop a ton of money on headphones? No problem. You can get some excellent deals on a variety of headphone types. You can even find decent true wireless earbuds for less than $50 that rival the AirPods for sound quality (and sometimes exceed it).... Read more
Dungeons, Dragons, and Diversity
Dungeons & Dragons has spent the past few months pushing a new era of diversity and inclusions, but it’s still got a lot of work to do. Source link Read more
Gary Shapiro: CES 2021 will have 1,000 virtual exhibits, 150,000 visitors, and 100 programming hours
CES 2021 is going to be a very different affair. The biggest tech trade show, which typically takes place every January in Las Vegas, has been forced to go digital this year, thanks to the coronavirus. Normally, CES is a huge physical event with exhibits sprawling across 2.9 million... Read more
Activist hedge fund advises Intel to outsource CPU manufacturing
Andrew Cunningham Activist hedge fund Third Point has taken a stake of nearly $1 billion in Intel and called on the chipmaker to consider shedding its manufacturing operations, throwing a core part of its strategy into question. The firm with $15 billion in assets run by Daniel Loeb made... Read more
Tesla vehicles might be able to call 911 in the future
May as well put that network connection to good use. Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves a good tweet, and he regularly engages with owners of his company’s electric cars on the social media platform. One of his latest responses is a bit more than that — it might... Read more