9 trends in enterprise database technology
The database has always revolved around rock-solid reliability. Data goes in and then comes out in exactly the same way. Occasionally, the bits will be cleaned up and normalized so all of the dates are in the same format and the text is in the same character set, but... Read more
Amazon, Target, and Walmart win: In 2020, shopping changed forever
On March 4, I commuted into Vox Media’s New York City headquarters for what would end up being the final time during the godforsaken year of 2020. On the way in, I made a pit stop for some coffee, spending $3.89 on a bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew, but left... Read more
The best fire pits for 2021: Tiki, BioLite, Solo Stove and more
This winter is particularly stressful, that’s for sure. But there are things you can do to relax, some of them surprising. Taking daily walks is one way. Another is to unwind in front of a crackling campfire.  You don’t need to hike into the woods to enjoy this cozy orange... Read more
For a special Vergecast holiday episode, The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Chris Welch talk to three industry experts about the new HDMI 2.1 standard: Polygon’s front page editor Samit Sarkar, Vizio CTO Bill Baxter, and HDMI Forum president David Glen. The Vergecast crew discuss what to look... Read more
5 Robot Vacuum Tips to Help You Keep a Tidy Home (2020)
In the past few years, no other gadget—headphones, electric bicycle, literally anything at all—has improved as dramatically as the humble robot vacuum. The hardware and software have improved beyond all imagining (hello, self-emptying bins!), and prices have dropped significantly, to the point where robot vacuums are now an accessible,... Read more
SAP files IPO for Qualtrics as demand for ‘experience management’ software rises 36%
SAP has filed the paperwork to take its Qualtrics subsidiary public less than two years after the German software giant acquired the company, which makes “experience management” software. The IPO filing only contains a preliminary price range of $20 to $24 per share and does not place an overall... Read more
What Does the Future of Online Search Look Like?
Online search has evolved so gradually that many people find it hard to track its growth. One day, voice-based search seemed like a dumb gimmick that only heard what you said half the time. The next day, it felt like voice search had been working well for years.  But... Read more
Xbox Series X/S Tips: 15 Settings and Hidden Features to Try
If you’re the proud owner of a new Xbox Series X or Series S console, then it’s time to dig into those settings to make the most of it. We’ve got some handy tips to help you get started and some lesser-known features worth checking out. Looking for ways... Read more
AI Weekly: The trends that shaped 2020
A few days ago, I published a story about books that I read throughout the year to improve and inform my job covering artificial intelligence and adjacent industries. In all, the multi-part review contains nine books published in 2020 that explore subjects like business strategy, policy, and geopolitics, as... Read more
Artificial Intelligence Helps Nasa Design New Moon-Bound Space Suit
Today, while most of us have a limited reach to what technology can do, it is essential to know that our scientists, AI development companies, and other tech companies have made remarkable progress in how technology has evolved. Artificial Intelligence that is human-like machines can do a lot more... Read more