How Universes Might Bubble Up and Collide
What lies beyond all we can see? The question may seem unanswerable. Nevertheless, some cosmologists have a response: Our universe is a swelling bubble. Outside it, more bubble universes exist, all immersed in an eternally expanding and energized sea—the multiverse. The idea is polarizing. Some physicists embrace the multiverse... Read more
Services, not software, are the future of game enterprise tech
Over the last few years, venture investor interest in the game industry has skyrocketed. The industry is no longer just about video games; as cross-media experiences like Fortnite have shown, game developers are embracing multiple forms of entertainment at once. Game technologies like the Unreal Engine that power these... Read more
What Is the Future of HR?

What Is the Future of HR?

News January 31, 2021

Human resource (HR) departments have long been integral to organizational success, and they’re likely to remain that way for decades to come. But the nature of HR is likely to evolve with new technologies, research, and trends. What does the future of HR look like? Remodeling the Workforce For... Read more
Clubhouse: What is it and how can you join?
Clubhouse is a buzzy new social network. Screenshot by CNET On a Wednesday evening, there’s a room filled with a handful of people, talking about their plants. The ones they have, the ones they want and the ones that’ve passed on to that big flower pot in the sky. ... Read more
The 7 Best Smart Plugs: Plugs, Power Strips, and More
You don’t have to outfit your entire house with expensive equipment—with potentially prying eyes—to experience the ease of life that comes with a smart home. A cheap smart plug will do. They can go a long way in making devices, like lamps or TVs, go from mindless to smart... Read more
Here’s where AI will advance in 2021
Artificial intelligence continues to advance at a rapid pace. Even in 2020, a year that did not lack compelling news, AI advances commanded mainstream attention on multiple occasions. OpenAI’s GPT-3, in particular, showed new and surprising ways we may soon be seeing AI penetrate daily life. Such rapid progress... Read more
How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle While Embracing Smart Technology
When you think of living a holistic lifestyle, do you picture someone being completely off-grid with no computer, no internet, and no smartphone? While some people do live this way, the absence of IoT tech doesn’t define a holistic lifestyle. Smart technology and a holistic life aren’t mutually exclusive.... Read more
WandaVision release dates: When does episode 5 hit Disney Plus?
The first two episodes of WandaVision premiere Jan. 15. Disney WandaVision, one of Marvel’s weirdest shows ever, premiered two episodes on Disney Plus on Jan. 15. The show’s operating similarly to The Mandalorian by taking the relax-at-the-end-of-the-week spot. After the initial two-episode drop, Disney has assumed a more regimented scheduling,... Read more
Banning White Supremacy Isn’t Censorship, It’s Accountability
When I began organizing in earnest to defend the internet in 2009, my efforts were driven by the great promise that an open internet without corporate gatekeepers would, in time, level the playing field for all speech. My hope was further inspired by the role social media platforms such... Read more
5 ways to finally fix data privacy in America
As a new administration enters the White House, we have the chance to finally fix privacy in America. Short of passing a national privacy law (which the majority of Americans want), we need action on data privacy. We need changes enacted swiftly and without delay. Both consumers and businesses... Read more