AI needs an open labeling platform
These days it’s hard to find a public company that isn’t talking up how artificial intelligence is transforming its business. From the obvious (Tesla using AI to improve auto-pilot performance) to the less obvious (Levis using AI to drive better product decisions), everyone wants in on AI. To get... Read more
Why Your Business Needs Non-Stop Software Security
Have you ever lost 30 minutes of creative works on your computer? Or has it suddenly occurred to you that you have a great piece of data that will augment a business proposal, only to discover that the data is missing? Oh – how frustrating! Data loss occurs for... Read more
Reddit makes AMC, GameStop stock go wild: An ‘insane’ ‘Ponzi scheme’ ‘train wreck’
GameStop shareholders are watching piles of cash come in. But for how long? Getty Images Many of today’s young adults spent their youth in GameStop stores. They lined up for launches. They bought and sold games and consoles there too. Now some of those people have made a fortune buying the... Read more
Dozens of Egyptian Tombs Will Be Unearthed at Saqqara Necropolis
Archaeologists in Egypt are preparing to open a 3,000-year-old burial shaft at the Saqqara necropolis, south of Cairo, in the coming week. The unexplored tomb is one of 52 burial shafts clustered near the much older pyramid of the Pharaoh Teti. Workers at the site found the entrance to... Read more
What algorithm auditing startups need to succeed
To provide clarity and avert potential harms, algorithms that impact human lives would ideally be reviewed by an independent body before they’re deployed, just as environmental impact reports must be approved before a construction project can begin. While no such legal requirement for AI exists in the U.S., a... Read more
The Main Reasons Startups Fail
Launching a startup is ridiculously exciting. Not only do you get a chance to control your destiny and build an effective team, but if you’re lucky and you work hard, you could turn it into a “unicorn”—a billion-dollar enterprise. Of course, most of you reading this know that the... Read more
Apple AirPods Pro down to $200 right now
Angela Lang/CNET The AirPods Pro, which list for $249, have been ping-ponging between a low of $200 and a high of $240 for months now. If you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on Apple’s noise-canceling earbuds, right now they’re back at that recurring nadir. That means you can... Read more
Update Your iPhone and iPad Now If You Haven’t Recently
Believe it or not, GameStop stock wasn’t the world’s only story this week. The last few days have been tumultuous for cybersecurity as well, especially after revelations that ( with a campaign of convincing DMs. Lots of folks shared screenshots of how they dodged... Read more
The RetroBeat: Classic Mega Man is better than the X series
A week or so ago, I once again got mad because of a tweet. Specifically, it was this one from Nintendo of America, asking people if they like Mega Man or Mega Man X better. Mega Man or Mega Man X? — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) January 21, 2021... Read more
How AI is Transforming Online Marketing
AI is swiftly working its way into many facets of our everyday lives. With more and more companies using AI, it isn’t an exaggeration to say AI might bring the next industrial revolution. It has already started making large strides in areas such as customer service, but what can... Read more