After embracing remote work in 2020, companies face conflicts making it permanent
Although the pandemic forced employees around the world to adopt makeshift remote work setups, a growing proportion of the workforce already spent at least part of their week working from home, while some businesses had embraced a “work-from-anywhere” philosophy from their inception. But much as virtual events rapidly gained... Read more
Apple’s new Mac computers are spelling the end of my Hackintosh
Apple’s M1 chip is being hailed as a leap forward for Macs. But it’s death to my Hackintosh. Apple One of my favorite nerdy hobbies is coming to an end, whether I want it to or not. And it’s Apple’s fault. Back in 2016, I was frustrated that Apple... Read more
Zoom Book Tours: 5 Authors on Publishing in a Pandemic
Writing a book is a lonely pursuit, one that can take years of solitary work. Selling a book is another story. Authors give talks in cramped storefronts, schmooze at luncheons, and learn to casually discuss their belabored creative project as commercial content. The publicity circuit can be dispiriting, sleazy,... Read more
Amazon: We don’t need another AI tool or APl, we need an open AI platform for cloud and edge
After Amazon’s three-week re:Invent conference, companies building AI applications may have the impression that AWS is the only game in town. Amazon announced improvements to SageMaker, its machine learning (ML) workflow service, and to Edge Manager — improving AWS’ ML capabilities on the edge at a time when serving... Read more
Best smart displays for 2021: Amazon, Google and more
Thanks to coronavirus lockdowns, voice assistants are getting more use than ever before. Add that to the slew of new products from Amazon and Google as we enter the fall, and this is an exciting time for Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart displays add an even more compelling angle: they... Read more
Yes to Masks. No to Parties. 2021 Will Be a Lot Like 2020
In the most positive interpretation of the data, there could still be millions of people left vulnerable to Covid-19 in the US, because their bodies can’t mount an immune response to the shot or because they are too young to receive it. (The Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use... Read more
Microsoft says Russians accessed account ‘used to view source code’ in Solorigate hack
Microsoft security researchers said today that Russian hackers managed to access more of its network than the company originally believed. However, the company emphasized that even in this case it still did not detect any damage to its systems. “We detected unusual activity with a small number of internal... Read more
Futurespective on Voice Technology from the Google Assistant Product Team
Technology isn’t silent anymore. It talks, and its voice shapes the way we live — working and virtual learning, shopping for cleaning supplies, playing daily music mixes, cooking new recipes, or exercising — all by just asking for it out loud. Since the pandemic hit, more and more brands... Read more
Best car air fresheners in 2021
Finding the right car air freshener depends on many things, but often it’s primarily a matter of personal preference. Thankfully, we see a lot of vehicles in the Roadshow garage, so we have plenty of experience when it comes to giving your car a fresh scent. The most important... Read more