All the games of 2021 you should be excited about
We’re a quarter of the way through 2021 (insane, I know), and the year has already brought us some strong video game launches. Hitman 3 ended the trilogy on a high note, and Super Mario 3D World brought another excellent WiiU game to Switch. But there’s so much to... Read more
Warnings From the Queer History of Modern Internet Regulation
Chris Kryzan, who worked in tech marketing at the time, remembers this well. In 1993, he launched an online organization called OutProud, a “Google for queers.” It featured a collection of resources for queer teens: national chat rooms, lists of queer-friendly hotlines, news clippings, and a database where kids... Read more
Ads are back in: Monetizing beyond subscriptions and transactions in gaming
Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. The rapid growth of direct-to-consumer streaming platforms has proven that subscriptions are viable. Subscription options have seen a massive increase as console, platform, and other industry players have tried to capture people’s time by... Read more
Everything coming to Netflix in March 2021
Yep, that’s a DOTA anime. Coming in March. Netflix Welcome to March on Netflix. Absolutely terrifying we’re already almost into the third month of the year already.  Existential crises aside, March is a big one for Netflix. It comes with the launch of that new DOTA anime everyone’s talking... Read more
How to Set Up a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Network as an Alternative to Broadband
For many of us, especially in rural areas, broadband speeds over cable or DSL (or heaven forbid, satellite) aren’t as reliable or as fast as we would like—if they’re even available at all. But the increase in speed and capacity of 4G LTE (and now 5G) networks has opened... Read more
Why IT needs to lead the next phase of data science
Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. Most companies today have invested in data science to some degree. In the majority of cases, data science projects have tended to spring up team by team inside an organization, resulting in a disjointed... Read more
I wanted to love foldable phones, but the novelty got old fast
Andrew Hoyle/CNET Let’s face it, mobile phones, even the best ones, just aren’t that exciting anymore. They’re all way more powerful than we really need, they all have nifty multi-lens cameras and they all look essentially the same. I really hoped that folding phones would give a much needed... Read more
23 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Every Player (2021)
The Switch is one of Nintendo’s most successful and influential systems ever. There’s something unique about carrying a home-console-quality gaming device everywhere you go. Figuring out what to play, though—that’s getting harder every year, as the roster of first-party and indie games grows deeper and deeper. Thankfully, WIRED has... Read more
5 steps to creating a responsible AI Center of Excellence
Join Transform 2021 for the most important themes in enterprise AI & Data. Learn more. To practice trustworthy or responsible AI (AI that is truly fair, explainable, accountable, and robust), a number of organizations are creating in-house centers of excellence. These are groups of trustworthy AI stewards from across... Read more
Best monitor under $200 you can get for 2021
If you’ve suddenly found yourself on a tight budget, you can still find a decent screen among our picks for the best monitors under $200. But act fast if you find a cheap monitor you want — they’re going in and out of stock like crazy, thanks to so... Read more