Moto G Series Review (2021): Which New Motorola Is Best?
All of these phones get great battery life. The new Stylus has a smaller 4,000-mAh battery capacity than the Power and Play, so you’ll get around two days of juice compared to three with the other two. Still, that’s more than any other cheap phone sold in the US. ... Read more
Rescale raises $50 million to provide high-performance infrastructure-as-a-service to enterprises
Rescale, a San Francisco, California-based startup developing a software platform and hardware infrastructure for scientific and engineering simulation, has raised $50 million. The company says the funding, which was announced today, will be put toward R&D and expanding the availability of Rescale’s platform. Cloud adoption in the science and... Read more
What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use to Dominate the Marketplace?
Amazon Prime alone relish more than 54 million individuals and tallying. If Prime were a nation, it would have 8,000,000 more individuals than Spain and be the 27th generally crowded on the planet. Those are simply the Amazon Prime family. This vast figure simply ensures that Amazon isn’t going... Read more
Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi sues US government over investment ban
Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi has filed a lawsuit against the US government over Donald Trump’s decision to place it on a blacklist, which blocks Americans from investing into the company over its suspected ties to the Chinese military.  The former US President, in the final days of his presidency, designated... Read more
One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack – February 2021
In May 2019, WIRED joined the One Free Press Coalition, a united group of preeminent editors and publishers using their global reach and social platforms to spotlight journalists under attack worldwide. Today, the coalition is issuing its 24th monthly “10 Most Urgent” list of journalists whose press freedoms are... Read more
MediaTek debuts M80 modem, finally joining the 5G millimeter wave race
Millimeter wave offers 5G the greatest potential to live up to years of “supercharged” hype, as mmWave’s gigantic swaths of open radio spectrum give carriers and countries the ability to build ultra-wide data highways, eventually enabling 10Gbps download speeds. But while Qualcomm quickly embraced mmWave across its first 5G modems... Read more
Hackers are exploiting a critical zeroday in devices from SonicWall
Network security provider SonicWall said on Monday that hackers are exploiting a critical zeroday vulnerability in one of the devices it sells. The security flaw resides in the Secure Mobile Access 100 series, SonicWall said in an advisory updated on Monday. The vulnerability, which affects SMA 100 firmware versions... Read more
Is Technological Progress Slowing Down?
Technology is amazing. And it seems to get even more impressive every year. Every day, there’s some new gadget or breakthrough in the news worth getting excited about. And every year, our collective capabilities as a species seem to be getting broader and further-reaching.  For decades, we’ve seen a... Read more
Google settles with US labor department over alleged hiring and pay discrimination
Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.  Stephen Shankland/CNET Google will pay almost $2.6 million to settle claims of “systemic compensation and hiring discrimination” at offices in California and Washington, the US Department of Labor said Monday.  The department said it found pay disparities that affected Google female engineering employees,... Read more
With burning-hot Switch sales, does Nintendo need a Super Switch?
Nintendo has shipped 80 million Switch systems. That pushes the console past the 3DS in terms of total sales. At its current pace, the Switch could outsell the Wii’s 102 million consoles sold by the end of 2021. Right now, the only thing holding back Switch sales is supply.... Read more