New supply chain attack uses poisoned updates to infect gamers’ computers
Enlarge / Circuit board with speed motion and light. Researchers have uncovered a software supply chain attack that is being used to install surveillance malware on the computers of online gamers. The unknown attackers are targeting select users of NoxPlayer, a software package that emulates the Android operating system... Read more
How Can B2B Sales Go Digital-First Even After Covid-19?
Covid-19 has taken growing trends and accelerated them at exhilarating speeds. This has made it difficult for businesses to keep up with new consumer needs and best practices. Juggling social distancing and quarantine periods has been difficult enough; now organizations need to figure out how to thrive in a... Read more
Ponzi scheme? Reddit’s making AMC, GameStop stock go ‘insane’
GameStop shares are on an epic roller coaster that pushed them to the stratosphere. But for how long? Getty Images Many of today’s adults spent their youths in GameStop stores. They bought and sold games there. They lined up for console launches, too. Now some of those gamers are rich after buying... Read more
‘Fake Famous’ Review: A Fun Window Into Instagram Influencers
In Los Angeles, the corner of Melrose and Harper has become a tourist destination to rival the Eiffel Tower, or the graffitied remains of the Berlin Wall. Rather than an architectural marvel or a piece of living history, people line up (or did, in pre-Covid times) to visit the... Read more
Rapid7 acquires Alcide for $50 million to meet growing cloud security demand
With enterprises embracing the cloud for its speed and flexibility, they are turning to tools like Kubernetes to help deploy and manage their applications. But while such cloud-native approaches are increasingly popular, their relative youth has created a strong market for companies that can address new security issues. That’s... Read more
Ars Technicast special edition, part 2: Open systems and the “joint force”
Enlarge / Fancy desks and cool blue lighting dominate this control room at Northrop Grumman’s Colshire location. Northrop Grumman Welcome back to the second part of our two-part Ars Technicast special edition on the future of connectivity on the battlefield, presented in partnership with Northrop Grumman. In part one,... Read more
Dear Robinhood CEO: Here’s What You Should Have Done Instead
It takes years to build a reputation and only moments to destroy it. Amidst an unprecedented (ugh – not that word again!) trading surge, the Robinhood CEO had an impossible tension to navigate. How to address big-picture business concerns, while appeasing the interests of investors and company employees. I’m... Read more
Reddit’s AMC, GameStop surge happened because of anger over Wall Street
There’s more to this GameStop run than money.  Sarah Tew/CNET Redditors, individual investors and GameStop fans who’ve climbed aboard the video game retailer’s surging stock have a lot to cheer about. Shares, after all, have catapulted to more than $320 from $17.25 at the beginning of the year, a... Read more
Biden Wants the Government to Run on EVs. It Won’t Be Easy
The federal government is going electric. Or, well, it’s going to try. President Biden last week signed an executive order that, among other initiatives to mitigate climate change, strongly encourages the federal government to buy only zero-emission vehicles. Biden wants those vehicles to be made mostly in the US,... Read more
Nintendo Switch closes in on 80 million consoles sold mark
Nintendo released its third quarter financial results, a period that ended in December, and revealed that it has sold 79.87 million Switch consoles. That’s just about 80 million units sold after 46 months on the market. That makes the Switch Nintendo’s second fastest console hit ever, only trailing the... Read more