The Importance of Cybersecurity for the Investment Banking Industry
Digitalization is visible across most, if not all, spheres of our professional and personal lives. While it offers a number of undeniable advantages, it brings along the need for security, especially cybersecurity. Consider the following: An increasing number of devices are interconnected, communicating via the Internet Digitalization brings convenience... Read more
Elon Musk talks Mars, monkey brain implants and Bitcoin in Clubhouse interview
Elon Musk joined the Good Time  Getty Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla head honcho, appeared on the exclusive audio-only Clubhouse app Sunday night, joining the Good Time Show to talk all things Mars, becoming a multiplanet species and memes. The app, which allows people to create rooms for conversation,... Read more
6 Best Portable Battery Chargers (2021): For Phones, iPads, Laptops, and More
Many years ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gained notoriety when its batteries caught fire in a series of incidents. There’s been a steady stream of similar, though isolated, incidents ever since. However, despite the high-profile coverage of batteries gone wrong, the vast majority of Li-ion batteries are safe.... Read more
Avaya expands its alliance with Google for AI for contact centers
Avaya has extended the capabilities of its contact center platforms to include an enhanced version of Google Cloud Dialogflow CX that can be employed to create virtual agents infused with AI capabilities that can verbally interact with customers. Residing on the Contact Center AI (CCAI) cloud service provided by... Read more
How to Properly Use PR and SEO to Amplify Marketing Results
A business is as good as how it portrays itself. It might have the best product on the market, but how it packages that product determines how it will fare. Here is how to properly use PR and SEO to amplify marketing results. What is Your Consumer Appeal? With... Read more
WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Results, Edge wins, full recap and analysis
WWE Edge is going to WrestleMania. After being out with an injury since last year’s Backlash event in May, Edge returned at the Royal Rumble, won the eponymous match and punched his ticket to ‘Mania. This probably means Orton will win a world title in between now and then,... Read more