The basilica contains scores of stones, and various materials respond differently to saltwater. The reddish porfido rosso antico marble, for example, which appears on the decorative floor, seems not to suffer any damage; other marbles, such as the dark green marmo verde antico or orangey rosso di Verona, may... Read more
Bango: Digital advertising is not a reliable source of new customers
Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. CEOs are questioning the value of digital and social media marketing, with 77% of CEOs saying they don’t see digital advertising as a reliable source of new customers or sales, according to the Board to... Read more
Disney Plus shows off Star Wars fan art for May the 4th
The dark and light sides face off in artist Zi Wu’s beautiful piece of Star Wars fan art that will show up on Disney Plus. Disney Plus Fan art is getting a Disney Plus showcase to mark Star Wars Day on May 4, with the first showing up Friday... Read more
How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors to Hack Your Brain
Take the scene where the old ghost Chicharrón dies unremembered in the Land of the Dead. It’s a tear-jerking sequence, but the color palette is still just as wide (though it does lean hard into moonlit blue for this moment). Instead of taking away color, the scene is actually... Read more
GamesBeat Summit 2021: Laura Miele takes Visionary Award, and Natasha ‘ZombaeKillz’ Zinda gets Up & Comer Award
Join GamesBeat Summit 2021, happening today! Watch live here!  We’re excited to announce the winners of the GamesBeat Summit 2021 Visionary Awards. The Visionary Award went to Laura Miele, the chief studios officer at Electronic Arts; and the Up & Comer Award went to Natasha “ZombaeKillz” Zinda, a content... Read more
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space tourism flights: When are tickets available?
Blue Origin Blue Origin, the rocket startup from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will reveal details about how and when to purchase tickets to ride its New Shepard rocket into space next Tuesday, May 5. The space tourism rocket has completed a series of test flights and landings, recently completing... Read more
How to Win a Hot Wheels Derby on a Moving Treadmill
If the force on the left wheel is greater than the right, this will produce a net torque that will rotate the car to the right. However, for some turning cars this isn’t a problem. Let’s say a car turned to the left and is moving down the track... Read more
India’s IT companies scramble to handle COVID-19 surge
Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. (Reuters) — India’s giant IT firms in Bengaluru and other cities have set up COVID-19 “war-rooms” as they scramble to source oxygen, medicine and hospital beds for infected workers and maintain backroom operations for the... Read more
Amazon workers push back on Jeff Bezos’s employee satisfaction claim
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said warehouse employees like working for his company so much that “94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.” But some of his own employees aren’t buying that statistic. The 94 percent number was gleaned from an employee... Read more
Amazon confirms Prime Day will be in June
Prime Day is slated for June. James Martin/CNET Amazon said in its quarterly earnings report on Thursday that its annual Prime Day will take place in the second quarter, moving back from its later slot in 2020. Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky noted on a press call that the... Read more