Microsoft digitally signs malicious rootkit driver
Microsoft gave its digital imprimatur to a rootkit that decrypted encrypted communications and sent them to attacker-controlled servers, the company and outside researchers said. The blunder allowed the malware to be installed on Windows machines without users receiving a security warning or needing to take additional steps. For the... Read more
Black Widow review: Slick Marvel superspy action carried by perfect cast
Scarlett Johansson takes aim at the box office. Marvel This could be superspy Black Widow’s toughest assignment yet. Two years ago the Marvel Cinematic Universe built up to an interstellar Endgame bursting with a galaxy of superhero stars. How can a spy flick with no superpowers follow that? This impossible... Read more
BetterDiscord Lets Users Mod the App to Their Heart’s Content
For years, gamers have sworn up and down that Discord—not Slack—is the best desktop chat app. But like with any great thing, there’s room for improvement. Enter BetterDiscord. BetterDiscord allows users to tailor Discord’s desktop app to their own personal aesthetic and UX preferences, and introduces other quality-of-life improvements... Read more
Google taps AI to identify COVID-19 vaccine name variations
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. In May during its Google I/O 2021 developer conference, Google demoed multitask unified model (MUM), a system trained on 75 languages at once that can simultaneously understand different forms of information including... Read more
Hackers exploited 0-day, not 2018 bug, to mass-wipe My Book Live devices
Getty Images Last week’s mass-wiping of Western Digital My Book Live storage devices involved the exploitation of not just one vulnerability but a second critical security bug that allowed hackers to remotely perform a factory reset without a password, an investigation shows. The vulnerability is remarkable because it made it... Read more
Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones (new) are just $189 — save $110
Sarah Tew/CNET Bose is at the top of the heap when it comes to audio, producing some of the best — and some of CNET’s favorite — headphones. All that engineering comes at a premium price, however, so we’re always on the hunt for a sale, and right now the QuietComfort... Read more
The Updated Wandrd Prvke Is the Perfect Camera Bag
The most important part of something that sits on your back for several hours is comfort, and Wandrd nails it. The company updated the padding on the back and shoulders, so it’s very cushiony, as if someone is holding a pillow against your back. The straps are wide and... Read more
DevOps platform JFrog bolsters security with $300M Vdoo acquisition
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Developer operations (DevOps) company JFrog today announced plans to acquire Israeli product security company Vdoo in a deal worth $300 million. Founded in 2008, JFrog serves companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon,... Read more
Robocalls are out of control. But that could change after June 30
Millions of Americans don’t even bother answering calls from unfamiliar or blocked numbers for fear a call might be from an illegal robocaller. That could change with a June 30 deadline from the FCC that requires voice providers to implement technology to force callers to identify themselves.  Thomas Trutschel/Getty... Read more
The Wild Spread of ‘Drug Wars,’ From Your Calculator to Your Phone
It is the late 1990s, sixth period. You are sitting in the back of the classroom, barely listening to a droning Algebra II lesson, as you fiddle with your school-issued TI-82 graphing calculator. The only math you are actually learning is that cocaine costs more than acid, and heroin... Read more