Apple will let iPhone users keep iOS 14 after iOS 15 launches
During a FaceTime video call, you can now play a song or a video and everyone on the call can listen or watch it together. Apple This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters. Apple users will be able to... Read more
Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, AirPods Update
For years, the iPad has been a beloved tool in the creative community, with apps for drawing, editing photos, and working with audio. But for so-called knowledge workers—folks who spend most of their days writing emails and working in documents—the iPad hasn’t been a very welcoming working environment, with... Read more
E3 Rewind: Microsoft’s 2010 sales pitch for Kinect
Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. It’s 2010, and Microsoft has a new gadget that it needs to sell. The Kinect was a motion-tracking camera for the Xbox 360. It was Microsoft’s answer to the Wii’s motion controls. And it was coming out that fall.... Read more
Jeff Bezos is going to space on a Blue Origin rocket
Jeff Bezos says he’s heading to space. In an Instagram post on Monday, the billionaire CEO of Amazon announced that next month he will be aboard Blue Origin’s rocket New Shepard on its first flight with humans aboard. Bezos called the trip “the thing I wanted to do all... Read more
Zuckerberg calls out Apple’s 30% cut, says Facebook creator tools will stay free until 2023
Angela Lang/CNET Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday said the social networks tools for creators — including paid online events and fan subscriptions — will be free until 2023. When the social network does eventually take a cut, it’ll be less than the 30% that Apple and other companies... Read more
The Incredible, Absurd World of ‘Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
In pursuit of that vision, Final Cut’s addition of political vision quests answers your selection of one of four deranged political ideologies with a fever dream on day three about your woeful political inaction. You can then resolve upon waking to bring about a new, tyrannical order instead of... Read more
Lightspeed buys Ecwid and NuOrder for $925M to ‘unify commerce ecosystem’
Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Lightspeed, the company behind an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system used by the likes of Sony, Goop, and Five Guys, has announced plans to acquire Shopify rival Ecwid and digital catalog builder NuOrder in deals worth $500 million and $425... Read more