Aqua Security: 50% of new Docker instances attacked within 56 minutes
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Fifty percent of new misconfigured Docker instances are attacked by botnets within 56 minutes of being set up,  Aqua Security said in its 2020 Cloud-Native Report. Five hours, on average, is all... Read more
Venmo’s new fees for goods and services may hurt small businesses
Venmo is changing the way its fees work. The new model won’t affect everyone, but if you’ve been using your personal Venmo account for your side hustle, it’s about to get more expensive. The company recently told its users they’ll soon be able to add a “goods and services”... Read more
Controller drift killed my love affair with the Nintendo Switch
CNET I’ve been playing video games since I was five years old, but the Nintendo Switch was the first console I ever truly fell in love with. I adored the SNES, of course. And the PlayStation 2. I was a huge fan of the Xbox 360. But that love... Read more
How Underground Fiber Optics Spy on Humans Moving Above
When last spring’s lockdown quieted the Penn State campus and surrounding town of State College, a jury-rigged instrument was “listening.” A team of researchers from the university had tapped into an underground telecom fiber optic cable, which runs two and half miles across campus, and turned it into a... Read more
Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on all iPhones and iPads
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Microsoft is expanding the availability of its cloud-gaming service with more ways to access the Xbox Cloud. In tandem with this move, the company is also updating its servers from Xbox One... Read more
Loki heads to Fortnite as part of July Crew Pack
Look who made it onto the Battle Bus. Epic Games Loki is having a busy summer. The Marvel antihero has his own Disney Plus series and is now joining popular battle royale game Fortnite. July’s Fortnite Crew pack, coming out on Wednesday, will include the Loki skin along with... Read more
SolarWinds Hackers Continue Assault With a New Microsoft Breach
The nation-state hackers who orchestrated the SolarWinds supply chain attack compromised a Microsoft worker’s computer and used the access to launch targeted attacks against company customers, Microsoft said in a terse statement published late on a Friday afternoon. Ars Technica This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a trusted... Read more
Sensor Tower: Mobile game revenue grew 18% in the first half of 2021
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Consumers have spent a lot more on mobile gaming so far this year. Mobile game revenues hit $44.7 billion in the first half of 2021 on Apple’s App Store and Google Play,... Read more
Netflix mobile downloads can play now even without full movie or episode loaded
Angela Lang/CNET Netflix upgraded mobile downloads for Android phones and tablets so that you can watch partially downloaded titles offline. The change — which means you can watch the portion of a movie or episode you successfully downloaded before you lost connectivity — is available for Android phones and tablets... Read more
The Science and Spirituality of Looking for Life on Mars
In the prolonged struggle between science and religion in the West, there has been something of a role reversal. At the start, religious leaders were the ones professing certainty, condemning (often to death) those who questioned the Bible’s story about how the Earth was made and how it fit... Read more