Microsoft says new breach discovered in probe of suspected SolarWinds hackers
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. (Reuters) — Microsoft said on Friday an attacker had won access to one of its customer-service agents and then used information from that to launch hacking attempts against customers. The company said... Read more
WandaVision has a new post-credits scene: What it means
Wanda in the post-credits scene. Marvel As we await the next episode of Loki and more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the drive to dissect, discuss and theorize about the upcoming slate of movies and TV shows is strong. Presently, WandaVision is at the heart of that furnace. A... Read more
In Africa, Content Moderation Is a Dangerous Game
Earlier this month, Twitter took down a tweet from Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari that threatened to punish regional secessionists, violating the platform’s rules. Two days later, the Nigerian government retaliated by suspending Twitter, which it ironically announced on Twitter. Months earlier, the Ugandan government shut down its country’s internet... Read more
Loco raises $9M for esports and game livestreaming in India
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Loco has raised $9 million in seed funding to enable esports and game livestreaming in India. The new investment will fuel the Mumbai company’s efforts across game streaming technology and gaming content,... Read more
Best lap timer for 2021
If you love cars, odds are good that you also love going fast. And while the casual exhilaration of speed on a perfectly twisting road or the accomplishment of tackling a tough trail are enough for many of us, the more driven feel the need to go faster. Of... Read more
How to Make Sure Your Browser Extensions Are Safe
Browser extensions can be hugely useful, plugging gaps in functionality, adding cool new features and options, and generally just making life on the web more convenient. At the same time, they have the potential to be a serious security risk—many ask to see everything you see online, some change... Read more
Metroid: Dread hype is building, and Sonic had a great concert | GB Decides 202
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. On the GamesBeat Decides podcast this week, editors Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti woke up early so Jeff could go to the zoo. That means you get Jeff’s disturbing morning voice. The... Read more
The thornapple, a sweetly perfumed plant with trumpet-shaped flowers, is named for its spiky, spherical fruit. Last year, the curiously shaped fruit took on new meaning because of its uncanny resemblance to a coronavirus particle. As COVID-19 began infecting thousands of people in early 2020, a viral TikTok video... Read more
Gaming With My Husband Made Our Marriage Stronger
WHEN IT COMES to video games and marriages, it’s usually not good news. Pop culture, books, and movies are littered with anecdotes or comedy sketches about a scorned, frazzled wife being dumped by her husband for the latest video game. I can picture it now: Usually the wife comes... Read more
Vectorized CEO on the future of streaming data application development
Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. Confluent’s successful IPO this week is shining the spotlight on event-driven data architectures and high-performance data streaming platforms based on Apache Kafka. Mountain View-based Confluent was cofounded in 2016 by a trio... Read more