SolarWinds hackers nailed federal prosecutors’ offices, Department of Justice says
Hackers had access to email accounts for more than six months, the DOJ says. Samuel Corum/Getty Images Hackers hit the offices of top US federal prosecutors nationwide last December, breaking in to email accounts, the Department of Justice said Friday. As part of the SolarWinds hack, attackers accessed accounts... Read more
The Best Unlimited Data Plan and Family Plan for 2021 (T-Mobile vs. AT&T vs. Verizon)
WIRED: Every tier includes 5G data speeds. You won’t be throttled at all on the Unlimited Elite plan, and on the Unlimited Extra plan you won’t be throttled until you hit 50 gigabytes of data. If you’re on the Unlimited Elite, you get a big 40-gigabyte bucket of mobile... Read more
PledgeLA: Los Angeles tops U.S. funding for startups led by women and people of color
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. A new study released this week from PledgeLA — a coalition of hundreds of venture capital (VC) and tech leaders in Los Angeles working to increase equity, community engagement, and accountability around corporate diversity efforts — shows... Read more
Best travel credit cards for August 2021
A travel credit card makes it easier to plan your next trip. Every time you use one, even at the grocery store or gas station, the points you accumulate can be used toward a future travel purchase. If you’re planning your next trip, a travel rewards credit card can... Read more
How the Jaguar, King of the Forest, Might Save Its Ecosystem
As the region’s apex predator, jaguars keep the ecosystem in balance, say the scientists. “If you remove an apex predator from an environment, you could unleash an explosive mushrooming in the population of other species, which in turn could wreak havoc on the habitat, leading to its complete collapse,”... Read more
AI vendors must offer more solutions for niche use cases
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Most AI vendors develop solutions that target broad use cases with large markets. This is because investors have shown they are only interested in a target market if it is worth several billion dollars. Therefore smaller markets... Read more
With help from Google, impersonated website pushes malware
Scammers have been caught using a clever sleight of hand to impersonate the website for the Brave browser and using it in Google ads to push malware that takes control of browsers and steals sensitive data. The attack worked by registering the domain xn--brav-yvacom, an encoded string that uses... Read more
Best balance transfer credit cards for August 2021
Getting your debt under control is the first step toward achieving financial security. When used the right way, a balance transfer credit card can give you a relatively cost-efficient way to catch up on bills and reduce credit card debt. It can also help consolidate debt into a single payment, giving a... Read more
The Top 30 Cybersecurity Bugs Include Plenty of Usual Suspects
This week, WIRED reported on an alarming phenomenon of real warships having their locations faked by some unknown miscreant. Over the last several months, dozens of vessels have appeared to cross into disputed waters when they were in fact hundreds of miles away. The misinformation has come in the... Read more
6 ways to protect your pharma company from cyberattacks
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Pharma cybersecurity, like other segments, faces new challenges as remote work takes over and proliferating security endpoints become more vulnerable. But as SARS-CoV-2 vaccine supply chain attacks show, the threats to pharma are particularly insidious. Evidence shows... Read more