Amazon’s favorite electric vehicle company Rivian is going public
Late last week, Rivian filed for an initial public offering. The 12-year-old electric vehicle manufacturer, which is backed by Amazon and considered one of the biggest threats to Tesla, is seeking a valuation as high as $80 billion. That would make Rivian one of the world’s most valuable automakers,... Read more
Coinbase erroneously reported 2FA changes to 125,000 customers
Enlarge / On Friday afternoon, Coinbase sent email and SMS text messages to 125,000 customers, erroneously telling them that their 2FA settings had been changed. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase sent an automated message to a large number of its customers on Friday, saying “your 2-step verification settings have been changed.”... Read more
Turing Distinguished Leader Series: Kelly Graziadei Founder and GP at f7 Ventures
Hello, everyone! Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Turing Distinguished Leader Series. Please see our other interviews conducted for this series. See: Henrik Hussfelt, Director of Engineering at Proxy. Please also enjoy: Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab. Let us know what you think! This time... Read more
Best vitamin C serum for 2021
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help you feel better when you feel sick or even stressed. While you may already take Vitamin C as a supplement, it can also boost your skincare routine. Topical vitamin C is found in a wide variety of skincare products and... Read more
An Experimental Birth Control Attacks Sperm Like a Virus
Over the millennia, people have come up with some very effective ways to avoid having babies. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used linen sheaths and animal bladders, precursors to modern latex condoms and diaphragms. Now we’ve got spermicides, sponges, intrauterine devices, pills, and implants to keep sperm and egg... Read more
Arcade1UP’s Infinity Game Table review: Family game night goes modern
A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  If there’s one thing that the Nintendo Wii showed it’s that all kinds of people want to play games. But in order to get to that audience, games need to present their experiences in a... Read more
Top Skills to Run Online Business Efficiently
Online businesses are on a roll to leverage the expansion of the business market to the internet world. The internet world has grown at a rapid pace, and looking at the popularity and business scope, it is here to stay. Customer preference has played a massive role in an... Read more
Tim Cook said Apple will donate to relief amid Hurricane Ida
Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday and continues a path of destruction through Mississippi on Monday. Sean Rayford/Getty Images In a tweet on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the tech giant would be donating to Hurricane Ida relief efforts. Cook said the company’s thoughts were with... Read more
Zoom Dysmorphia Is Following People Into the Real World
Last summer, when clinics began to tentatively reopen, dermatologist Shadi Kourosh noticed a worrying trend—a spike in appointment requests for appearance-related issues. “It seemed that, at a time like that, other matters would be top of mind, but a lot of people were really concerned with feeling that they... Read more
WowCube raises $1.5M from Xsolla founder for its Rubik’s Cube-like game device
A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  Cubios, the creator of the WowCube handheld gaming cube, has raised $1.5 million from the founder of Xsolla, Aleksandr Agapitov. The funding is part of a total of $4.5 million raised in the company’s latest... Read more