9 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins That Will Bring Tons of Quality Leads
Alfred is running a successful bakery shop in the prime city square and his on-site business is not only a favorite place for the locals but is quite a talk of the town for tourists. Alfred launches his online shop through a WordPress website to expand his business digitally... Read more
See, Ted Lasso and more: Everything to know about Apple TV Plus
Apple TV Plus launched in late 2019, offering a yearlong free trial to people who purchased Apple gadgets — a free period that Apple kept extending (until now).  Sarah Tew/CNET Apple TV Plus features original TV shows and movies — and only original shows and movies. Apple’s subscription video service aims at competing... Read more
Epic Leaves a Big Crack in Apple’s Walled Garden
“I don’t know how you square all of that analysis, and all of the pro-competitive justifications Apple has for its closed ecosystem, with the judge then saying, ‘But I’m going to force Apple to permit competitors to put up signpost in Apple’s ecosystem,’” says Paul Swanson, an antitrust attorney... Read more
PS5 Showcase Reaction, KOTOR Remake, Wolverine, and more | GB Decides 213
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The Apple-Epic Games trial verdict is mostly in Apple’s favor
The great Apple-Epic Games trial about Apple’s control over its own App Store and whether it was an unfair monopoly now has a decision, and it’s not great for Epic Games. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in Apple’s favor on almost every count. Epic Games had hoped to prove... Read more
Sonos is raising prices on its speakers and soundbars
The price of the Sonos Arc will increase by $100 on Sept. 12. Ty Pendlebury Sonos speakers are about to get more expensive. The company said Friday that most of the speakers across their lineup will see price increases beginning on Sept. 12 due to ongoing global supply chain... Read more
Sweeping New Mandates, Vaccine Options Underway, and More Coronavirus News
Biden announces additional mandates, researchers probe new shots and treatments, and global vaccine distribution falters. Here’s what you should know: Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines The White House announces a sweeping new plan for combating the next phase of the... Read more
Epic Games wins injunction favoring alternative payments in antitrust lawsuit against Apple
A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  A federal judge today ordered Apple to change its policies and enable developers to use alternative payment systems in their apps in a ruling in Epic Games antitrust lawsuit. The permanent injuction will allow game... Read more
Stock up on this at-home COVID-19 test while it’s 56% off
IntelliSwab For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO and CDC websites. There are a lot of reasons to consider keeping a few at-home COVID-19 tests in your closet. It’s never a great feeling to be unsure about possible symptoms, and if you... Read more
Unbabel: 86% think a centralized team should manage multilingual efforts
The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! 86% of businesses surveyed believe a single, centralized team owning and managing all the multilingual efforts in an organization could be extremely or very valuable, Unbabel, the industry’s first AI-powered Language Operations platform, said... Read more